Zoa Peak

elevation:1,869 m.  height gain: 700 m.
area: Coquihalla Summit,BC
map 92 H/11

Ref: Kamloops Trails

easy to follow

All junctions are indicated.
Hike: RT about 5.5. I drove to this region for the weekend to climb Needle Peak. The weather was unstable so I planned to ascend Zoa Peak on saturday and decide on sunday whether I would attempt Needle Peak. Zoa Peak isn't a difficult objective. The distance is relatively short and the trail is well marked. Although the ascent is steep at the beginning, it quickly tapers as it meanders through subalpine terrain. I didn't have much of a view on my trek, the surrounding mountains were shrouded in low-lying clouds. Over the years, I've come to appreciate those days, they're special in their own way. At some point, the clouds engulfed me and I could barely see in front of me; it kinda felt eerie. Despite the possibility of precipitation, I managed the whole trip without getting rained on ...that is always a good thing!

low clouds

North-western view over Zum Peak.

subalpine terrain

The trail meanders through nice subalpine terrain.


Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area boundary marker.

treed summit

Nearing the treed summit.

no visibility

Clouds are rolling in.

in the clouds

Low clouds give my return trip an eerie feeling.

back on approach trail

Back on the ATV trail.

unstable weather

Not the nicest day but it didn't rain.
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