Yoho Peak

elevation: 2,760 m. height gain: 290 m. (from glacier)
area: Yoho Park,BC map 82 N/10

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies.
going light

Leaving the glacier gear behind.
Scramble: RT 10.5 (including Mont Des Poilus); 1.25 up from the glacier. We planned to ascend Yoho Peak after summiting Mont Des Poilus. We were down from our main objective and off the glacier early, leaving us a lot of time to achieve our secondary goal. We had lunch near the edge of the glacier, where we left all the glacier gear. It felt nice to go light, we went up the talus slopes at a casual pace. We crested on the ascent ridge above the pass used to loop over to Yoho Valley. From there, the summit is close; we came up the easy ridge and descended the drift glacier. Our summit stay was longer than on Des Poilus, we had a good sheltered spot. Because we had planned to bivy another night, we were in no hurry; hence we lingered at the top for quite a while. The view is awesome all around,  we are lucky to have had this fine weather. Eventually, we peeled ourselves out of our nook and started our descent. We chose to boot ski down the snow on the north aspect, I glissaded the last pitch and gave myself an intense head-freeze from flying slush. It took very little time to get back to the gear left behind. We continued towards our bivy site on the glacier. Walking on a bare glacier is fabulous, we enjoyed its features with fascination. Once at our camp, we put the kettle on and resumed exploring the glacier's edge and caves. As I ate my thick hot soup, I felt fortunate to witness this scenery; I was also thankful for my blessings... This is an outstanding trip, primo!

talus slopes

Ascending talus slopes.


Spectacular sights along the way.

drift glacier

A catchment glacier on Yoho's north aspect.

up the ridge

On the ascent ridge with Mont Des Poilus in the background.

almost there

Nearing the top.

summit cairn

The cairn at the top with The Presidents.

balfour, daly and niles

Mounts Balfour, Daly and Niles.


Fab's proud!!!

glacial lake

The glacial lake and the caves at the bivy site (right margin).

heading down

Boot skiing down the snow.

short descent

Back to our gear in a short moment.

trekking on the glacier

Trekking on the glacier to return to the bivy site.

glacial features

More runnels and moulins.

nearing our bivy

Close to the bivy site.

5-star camp

Our 5-star set up.


Exploring the caves.

hanging out

Nice to just hang out for the afternoon.

nice view

Nice view from the sleeping bag.

heading back

Leaving this awesome area the following morning.

atop the moraine

Again, atop the moraine avoiding the steep icy slopes.

pleasant trip back

Ready for the pleasant trip back.

merci des poilus

Merci Mont Des Poilus, nous sommes ravis.

top of twin falls

An excellent respite at the top of Twin Falls.


A magnificent place to visit.
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