Yeoward Mountain

elevation: 2,134 m.
height gain: 780 m.
area: Keefer Lake (Cherryville),BC
map 82 L/1

We accessed this summit from Keefer Lake Lodge. We parked at the visitor's parking lot and followed the cat track to the steep climb called "Elevator Shaft", 033552. We followed the cat track to treeline then beelined to the summit.
***Enquire with Keefer Lake Lodge before using this winter approach; backcountry touring isn't permitted on Yeoward Mountain when catskiing is operational***
For summer access, refer to the link below:
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keefer lake lodge

Keefer Lake Lodge.
Ski touring: RT 6.0; 4.0 up. This summit in the Monashee Mountains offers great skiing terrain and fabulous snow conditions. It also grants panoramic views of The Pinnacles, the Selkirk and Valhalla Mountain Ranges. Keefer Lake Lodge is a world class catskiing operation, they maintain numerous gladded runs in the forest for awesome tree skiing. Ski touring is sometimes permitted to small groups when the lodge is closed. When Stephane invited me for a ski tour there, I couldn't decline. I suggested we ascend Yeoward Mountain despite unstable weather as the ascent past treeline isn't long or complex. Furthermore, there are sparse trees all the way to the top; those would provide depth if whiteout conditions prevailed. We met in Vernon and drove to Keefer Lake. After signing in, we started skinning on the cat track. It had been a long time since I went ski touring, I was quite excited but wondered if I would remember how to ski powder. The ascent to treeline was as straightforward as can be. Beyond the trees, the cat track disappeared. It felt colder with the wind and as we proceeded, visibility decreased. By the time we gained the summit, we couldn't see anything. The telemetry offered a nice windbreak while we had lunch but we didn't linger. My first turns were fine other than having to deal with reduced depth perception. Skiing the wind-driven snow was actually quite nice and visibility proved good enough to venture into a long gully where the snow was deeper. Delightful skiing ensued well into the trees and back on the cat track. Wow, it was awesome! ...If I was in better shape, I probably would have gone back up for another run!

on the cat track

On the cat track.

looking back

Looking back, these open areas in the forest near the lodge are available for skiing anytime.

the dome

The Dome, across the valley, boasts great gladded runs. It is accessed by a cat track which traverses up high and loops to Yeoward Mountain.

elevator shaft

The "Elevator Shaft" is a steep direct cat track that leads to Yeoward Mountain.

easy to follow

Easy to follow!

looking back again

Looking back again.

top of the dome

The top of The Dome comes into view to the east.

vast and open

Higher up, the terrain is vast and open.

leaving the cat track

Leaving the sheltered cat track behind.

top of yeoward

Zero visibility atop Yeoward Mountain.

summit telemetry

Posing by the summit telemetry.

snow ghosts

The trees grant depth perception on the way down.

skiing to a gully

Skiing towards a long gully.

longest gully

The longest gully on Yeoward Mountain.

stephane skiing

Stephane begins his run.

our turns

Our turns.

thumbs up

Thumbs up, ...more please!

lower gully

Skiing the lower part of the gully.

simply delighted

Simply delighted!

back on the cat track

Back on a cat track.

yeoward mountain

Yeoward Mountain from The Dome. We skied the long gully left of center.
Picture courtesy of Stephane Gingras.

the pinnacles

The Pinnacles from The Dome.
Picture courtesy of Stephane Gingras.
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