Wiseman Peak (Dg 17) GR:785997

elevation: 2,490 m. height gain: 1,100 m. (from the cutblock)
area: Donald,BC map 82 N/6

Park at Quartz Creek parking lot on the south side of highway 1, 768035. Sled or hike the Quartz Creek FSR for about 4 kilometers to an obvious cutblock after an S-turn, 753997. Follow the secondary road ascending the cutblock, it may not be packed down in winter. Aim for the treed south-west ridge of Dg17, climber's right of the V-shaped west facing avalanche gully. Continue along the ridge to treeline; an easy hike leads to the top. ** This direct route is mainly for winter ** In the summer, it is possible the ascend Dg17 from the lower Quartz Lake, via the southern slopes.
at the cutblock

Easy 4-kilometer access on the snowmobile.
Snowshoe trip. RT 8:0; 5.0 up (from the sled). Considerable avalanche hazard has kept us from going backcountry skiing for a while... We've made an effort to get out and have been turned around by: suspect slopes on one trip, unattainable goal on another, stormy weather and dangerous roads on yet another; honestly, I wasn't expecting much more than exercise above the valley cloud on this trip. We invited Charles for the jaunt. We decided to use a snowmobile for the approach on the groomed snowmobile trail; this dramatically cut time and preserved energy for the height gain ahead. The ridge is straightforward but steep at times. We lucked out, the forest wasn't choked with brush and snowshoeing conditions had improved, allowing only boot top penetration through the mid-pack for most part. We split the lead often and made good time; I started to feel optimistic! Near treeline, Charles decided to hang back, make a fire and enjoy the sun; given the spring-like weather, we weren't worried and continued. Above treeline, the terrain was etched by wind; the snow was hard and pleasant to walk on. Although it was a bit windy, I could feel the warmth of the sun; this leg of the trip was especially rewarding. We stayed at the top briefly before returning to join Charles. He had a nice fire going when we arrived; we ate and took advantage of this luxury. Our descent to the sled was quick; the ride to the car was even quicker!

wiseman peak

We're aiming for the south-west ridge (far right).

typical terrain

Typical terrain, not too bushy.

decent snowshoeing

With bearable snowshoeing conditions, we were able to push to treeline.


Breaking out of the trees, we can feel the warmth of the sun.

looking back

Looking back.

hard snow

The wind-sculpted snow is hard as ciment!

view west

Mount Sir Donald (left center) and Hermit Mountain (far right).

summit ridge

Summit ridge.

last steps to the top

Last steps to the top.

donald and oldman peaks

Donald (left) and Oldman Peaks in the background.

at the top

First summit of 2014!

valley cloud

Valley cloud over Kinbasket Lake.

rogers pass

Looking towards Rogers Pass again.

enjoying the top

Fab is sitting on a pile of heli markers.


Leaving the top.

more valley cloud

More valley cloud east of us.

hermit, swiss and rogers

Hermit, Swiss and Rogers in the background.


Back at treeline.

back on the snowshoes

On the snowshoes again.

nice fire

Charles was busy and warm while we were gone.

sea of cloud

The beautiful sea of cloud down the valley.

back at the sled

Back at the sled.
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