Windy Peak

elevation: 2,240 m. height gain: 315 m.
area: South Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/1

Ref: Sonny Bou's website
finally parked

Parked at a convenient pull-off with our objectives in sight.
Hike: RT 6.0 (including Hornecker); 1.75 up. This weekend trip with the hounds was delicious! We enjoyed an unseasonably warm and windless day on this pleasant hike. The Livingstone Range grants good terrain for the dogs with broad grassy ridges, it's always a treat to come this way. Fab and I loaded our pack with blankets, extra layers for the dogs and many treats. I even brought my snowshoes just in case as I planned to continue to Mount Hornecker. Travelling was decent on the wind-affected snow, some areas were bare. The only challenge was the short bushwhack to gain the ridge where the snow was deeper. Fab proceeded to break trail with no snowshoes, I had a hard time following his fast pace. We looked forward to reaching the open slopes on the ridge. Once on the ridge, we hiked casually repeatedly throwing a stick to Rupert while enjoying the warmth of the sun. We intended on "milking" this outing, the weather was superb. In little time, we stood by the summit cairn. Fab decided to continue past the summit for a bit to get a better view of my excursion to the other summit. Lower down along the ridge crest, rock strata offered a great spot in the sun. We laid down the blankets and jackets also filling the water bowl; this means: "Break time". I nearly emptied my pack and left for Mount Hornecker, too close to pass up. I quickly dropped down to the valley crossing over to Hornecker without encountering much snow.
shallow snowpack

The snow isn't deep and the sun is shining.

good travel

The hounds are loving this and so are we.

deeper snow ahead

Ahead, we have a short bushwhack in deeper snow.

snow-free ridge

On the snow-free ridge, looking back at Hailstone Butte.

light wind

Very light wind on Windy Peak today.

almost there

The summit is a short distance away.

rupert chews

Lots of time for chewing a stick.

at the top

Already on the grassy top!

continuing further

We continue towards Mount Hornecker.

saddle mountain

Saddle Mountain would also be a delightful dog hike.

great spot in the sun

Fab finds a great spot to wait out my escapade to Hornecker.

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