elevation: 2,695 m. height gain: 975 m.
area: Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB map 82 J/14

Ref: Several on the internet

Scramble: Hiking in boot-top to knee deep super light snow. We could still move our feet forward instead of post-holing. Lincoln seemed at ease, leaping like a gazelle in the fluff instead of following in our path. We ascended  the forested slopes well above the drainage, climber's right. At treeline, I separated from Fab and Link. They started their way down slowly to stay warm while I continued to the top. Above treeline the summit plod was mostly free of snow. There was a wicked wind pushing me up to the summit, it then eased me back down; that feeling was awesome!

Windtower from the road.

almost at the top

Near the summit.

rock shelter

Spray Lake and a filled rock shelter on the scoured slope.

at the top

At the top there's another shelter; nice, it's really windy.

summit cairn

Summit cairn.

summit view

Looking at Mount Lougheed.

more summit view

Sheer face!
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