Wilcox, Mount

elevation: 2,884 m. height gain: 900 m.
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 83 C/3

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
direct approach

Looking back on our way to Wilcox Pass.
Scramble: RT 7.0; 3.25 up. This scramble is delightful! The weather was nice and the cloud formations added a lot of atmosphere. We approached Wilcox Pass from the Icefields Information Center. To avoid side-hilling in talus, walking down the highway (south) a little grants a straight line of ascent. We enjoyed the outstanding scenery and appreciated the well-worn trail on the mountain. We were expecting more snow on the ground but there was very little. It seemed we lollygagged the whole day. This season has not favored such conditions for us... Very nice.
neat boulders

Standing near some particular boulders.

grassy ridge

Walking on the broad grassy ridge is pleasant.

wilcox shrouded by clouds

Our objective comes into view.

clouds lifting

The clouds are lifting.


Several groups out on Mount Athabasca, at least 12 people.

ridge crest ahead

Approaching the ridge crest.


Nigel Peak.

great view

Fine trail with exceptional sights in all directions.


Following the trail through the rockband.

along the ridge

Mount Andromeda in the background.

summit picture

The summit is shrouded by thin cloud.

some scrambling

The upper mountain is more challenging.

still on a trail

I follow.

summit ahead

Nearing the summit, on the right.

traverse to the top

Slippery bit on the way to the summit.

fab cheering

Summit picture, Mount Athabasca is in the clouds.

leaving the top

Must we really leave?

steeper here

Steeper terrain.

short downclimb

Fab downclimbing a short step.

short return

Almost back down on the grasses.


A family of marmots basking in the sun.

straight down

Heading straight down to the highway.
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