Whistler Mountain

elevation: 2,210 m. height gain: 750 m.
area: Castle Wilderness,AB map 82 G/8

Ref: Matthew Hobb's On-top.ca
proper access road

Following the proper access road.
Hike: RT 8.0 (includes Frankie Peak); 2.75 up. This was the last objective of my long weekend in the southern Front Ranges. I left Pincher Creek after grabbing a coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Getting to the trailhead was easy thanks to Matthew's instructions, I located the trail and proceeded to hike casually. The weather was nicer than yesterday, still windy but otherwise a stellar fall day. Once again, there was no one around; I enjoyed a quiet walk in a meditative state and gained the ridge rather quickly. It was colder on the ridge, the wind was definitely the theme this weekend; this was my third day of being battered... I put on my windbreaker and visited the lookout before continuing to the treed summit. The view is nice right until you reach the top where trees obstruct the view. It was still early in the day so I kept going along the ridge. My initial goal was to climb to the prominent highpoint east of the summit but as I walked on the connecting ridge, two peaks to the south-east caught my attention. It was hard to tell which of the two appealing peaks was the tallest. I decided on a whim to forgo the highpoint I was aiming for to investigate whether or not I could traverse to the twin peaks. Little did I know at the time, this traverse is described in Andrew Nugara's More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies 2nd edition... The summits that enchanted me are called Frankie Peak and Larry Mountain, both named by Nugara.

The start of the trail is just behind the truck.

good trail

A good trail meanders to the site of the old Whistler Lookout.

more of the same

More of the same.

barnaby ridge

The north end of West Castle Mountain (left) and Barnaby Ridge.

ridge crest

Nearing the ridge crest.

on the ridge

On the ridge, the lookout is to the west while the summit is to the east.

old lookout

The old lookout.

north eastern view

North-eastern view towards Table Mountain.

view east

Eastern view from the lookout.

view west

To the west, Barnaby Ridge with Mount Haig just visible behind (center).

looking back

Looking back at the lookout on my way to Whistler Mountain.

ridge walk

Pleasant ridge walk but quite windy today.

two alluring summits ahead

The two summits on the right are catching my attention.

red rock

This red rock is a characteristic of the area.


Straightforward and short.

treed summit

The treed summit is anticlimactic.

continuing beyond the top

Continuing along the ridge.

investigating the twin peaks

The view improves as I travel east, I decide on a whim to investigate the two summits on the right.

looking back at whistler

Looking back at Whistler Mountain.

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