Wendell Mountain GR:295675

elevation: 2,380 m. height gain: 1,380 m.
area: Exshaw,AB map 82 O/3

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies and Vern Dewitt's Explor8ion
trail under aspens

Yamnuska through the trees.
Scramble: RT 8.75; 4.5 up. This is a nice long outing. The scenery along the way is stunning and the trails grant good travelling. Part of the Front Ranges, Wendell is a fine early or late season objective. We were lucky with our timing; there was very little snow on the approach but still some left on the scree slope making the ascent a lot easier. I went up the "gully" to reach the ridge while Fab went around, climber's right, on some slabs. Immediately after cresting from the gully, I was surprised to see how narrow the ridge is for about 5 meters. I crouched down and proceeded slowly. The following section of ridge is easier. We enjoyed the last stretch; the grade lessened giving us the opportunity to unwind a little. The weather was trying to move in. We remained at the top for a bit; although it was windy, it wasn't that cold with the sunshine. Returning was fast at first, the scree run is fine. In 4 minutes, we were back down to treeline! The rest of the hike was pleasant. The longer, warmer days of spring are welcome.

easy to find the trail

Cresting on the popular trail east of Yamnuska.

glad to be above the fog

Fog blankets the Foothills.

cmc valley

Following the horse trail down into CMC Valley.

road turns to trail quickly

Crossing the creek to the old road.

the terrain opens up

At the west end of the valley, we veered into Wendell's ascent drainage.

almost at treeline

Higher up, the scree slope appears.

loose scree

A closer look at the scree slope.

much better on snow

We stuck to snow as much as possible.

looking back

When snow ran out, we hugged the slabs to avoid the loose scree.

easy up to now

Heading to the gully, which bypasses the "first" pinnacle.

the gully

The gully is followed by the crux, a narrow section of ridge.

the summit is near

Beyond the crux, the "second" pinnacle is easily scrambled head on.

first summit this spring

Yeah, what a day!

weather not an issue

Weather is trying to move in.


The east side of Morrowmount.

leaving the top

Heading down.


The "second" pinnacle.

along the ridge

Along the ridge before the gully.

slabs on the way down

An alternative to the gully (yellow) and crux is to use the slabs climber's right (red).

great scree run

Fantastic scree run! Four minutes of fast, deep plunging.

not the same knife

Hey Bob, look what we also found!

last climb

Going back up the horse trail.
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