Wasatch Mountain (Wastach Mountain) GR:520868

elevation: 2,804 m. height gain: 965 m.
area: Lake Louise,AB map 82 N/8

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies

Note: This peak is most often referred to as Wastach Mountain to match the official name of Wastach Pass but it was in fact officially mislabeled as Wasatch Mountain in 1997 (Bivouac).

moraine lake

Moraine Lake. (pic by Charles)
Scramble: RT 7.0; 3.75 up. I really wanted to head up to Moraine Lake to see the fall colors before the road closure. We still hadn't climbed Wasatch Mountain, it seemed like a good objective. I sent out a couple of invites to gather a group of four to comply with the trail restrictions. Raff and Charles were interested despite the unstable weather forecast. We met at Laggan's. To our surprise, Raff greeted us with a friend; it was Sonny Bou! Fab and I were quite thrilled about meeting him, we drove off to the trailhead filled with excitement. The hike up the trail was great, the larches were yellow and the temperature was mild. We were so immersed in conversation that we would have gone beyond the ascent gully leading to Wastach Pass if it wasn't for Sonny and Charles noticing it! As we expected, the gully was filled with soft knee-deep snow. Raff and Charles plowed their way up leaving great footsteps for us to follow. We reached the crest of the gully and started up the blocky terrain towards our objective. Snow hid some deep holes and the lichen-covered rocks were slick, careful trekking ensued. As we neared the summit ridge, the wind increased. Undeterred, we all gathered at the top for our summit rituals. Tons of pictures were taken and great stories were exchanged before it was time to leave. We cautiously glissaded wherever possible; good times! Back on the trail, we crossed numerous groups of people also enjoying the lovely scenery. The outstanding company definitely made this fabulous trip memorable!

Conversing along the way. (pic by Charles)

fine bunch

A fine bunch!

wenkchemna pass

Wenkchemna Pass beyond the beautiful larches.

more chatting

Another quick pause and more chatting.

eiffel peak

Eiffel Peak.

bowlen and perren

The Perren Route (just left of center) and the Schiesser Ledges (right of center) that lead to the Neil Colgan hut.

eiffel lake

Eiffel Lake.

up the gully

Leaving the trail to head up towards Wastach Pass.

looking back

Looking back at Eiffel Lake.

up the gully

Up the easy gully.

upper slope

At the top of the gully, the upper slope comes into view.

valley of ten peaks

The Valley of Ten Peaks.

blocky terrain

Blocky terrain.

paradise valley

Paradise Valley.

last steps

Last steps to the top.

summit ridge

Looking along the summit ridge with Eiffel Peak on the left.



summit shot

Charles, Sonny, Fabrice and Raff.

summit ritual

Sonny's summit ritual.

another group shot

Another group shot. (pic by Charles)

first glissade

First glissade of the winter season.

eiffel lake

Eiffel Lake again.

back on the trail

Back on the trail.

take this

Take this! (pic by Charles)
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