Warrior Mountain

elevation: 2,973 m. height gain: 630 m. (from Aster Lake)
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/11

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
en route for warrior

En route for Warrior Mountain early morning.
Scramble: RT 12.0 (including Mount Cordonnier); 2.75 up from Aster Lake. We woke up to a frost free, clear morning. Yet another fine summer day ahead of us. We retrieved our food and once again, we left the extra gear behind. After hiking around the lake and onto the gravel flats, we aimed for some snow patches used by previous scramblers. Their steps offered good purchase on the firm snow. That was useful on steeper slopes, we didn't have to put on our crampons. The recent significant snowfall covered the glacier. We continued along the up-track probing a little; we could see the darkened ice under the scraped snow. Surprisingly enough, there was a lot of grizzly traffic on the glacier. Apparently, a sow and a cub have been spotted on numerous occasions in the area. We saw them on the north side of the lake, just before leaving this morning. We quickly reached the Warrior/Cordonnier ridge and easily climbed it near the notch. The rest of the ascent is just a plod on rubble, we soon stood on the summit. We took lots of pictures, ate a little and left the lovely viewpoint towards our next objective, Mount Cordonnier. As we came down the upper mountain, I couldn't help feeling a bit nervous about the following part of the trip; airy ridges are not my forte!
west side of aster lake

On the west side of Aster Lake, Mount Sarrail in the background.

gravel flats

Along the gravel flats.


The flats go on towards Mount Joffre.

starting our climb

Starting our climb near a small drainage.

already an up-track

Some snow patches have steps from previous teams.

using snow patches

Using the snow patches.

good steps

Good steps in the firm snow.

reaching the glacier

We reach the glacier in good time.

grizzly traffic

More grizzly traffic than human around here!

near the notch

Easily attaining the summit ridge at the notch.

plod to the top

The plod to the top.

connecting ridge

Some slabs below Cordonnier's connecting ridge.

easy going

Quite easy, just one foot in front of the other!

perfect grizzly terrain

Aster Lake and the gravel flats, perfect grizzly terrain.

summit pose

Xena: Warrior Princess, yayayayaya!!!!

mount king george

Mount King George on the BC side.

joffre and cordonnier

Fab with Mounts Joffre and Cordonnier (right).

leaving for cordonnier

Descending to the connecting ridge and our next objective, Mount Cordonnier.

following bears footprints

We follow a sow and cub's footprints along the ridge.

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