Villeneuve, Mount GR:845910

elevation: 2,730 m. height gain: 140 m. (from Paradise Ridge)
area: Invermere,BC map 82 K/8

Ref: Aaron Cameron and Matt Gunn's Hikes around Invermere & the Columbia River Valley.
Winter access: Toby Creek Adventures operate snowmobile tours to Paradise Mine. Their log cabin is easy to spot on the north side of Toby Creek Road, just ahead of Panorama Ski Resort. They provide public parking at the trailhead of the groomed service road and access to the warming cabin in Paradise Basin. There is a registation fee of 15$ per sled.

at the trailhead

Looking up Springs Creek drainage.
Snowshoe trip: RT 7.0 (including Watch Peak and side trips); 50 minutes up from the sled. I don't know many peaks that require such minimal effort to visit. Paradise Mine is a popular area accessed by a high alpine road. The road climbs to an alpine basin, continues over Paradise Ridge and descends to Bruce Creek on the north side (seldom used in the winter). Many sledders use the ridge, often to drop off skiers. Instead of traversing to Paradise Col, following the road as in the summer, the sledder's uptrack leaves the road soon after the warming cabin, and goes straight up to the ridge. The 250 meters of height gain takes less than a minute! If a good uptrack already exists, climbing is not too intimidating; I was more concerned with control issues coming down... We parked our sleds on top of the ridge at 2,600 meters. It only took 40 minutes to get up here, with a height gain of 1,470 meters. Very close to our objective, we casually geared up for the nice ridge walk ahead. Fab pulled a warm burger from his snowmobile, I must admit that was a first! Although the sky was grey, the temperature was mild with no wind. The multiple layers of cloud added texture; we liked it. The surrounding mountains are tall and impressive, it was thrilling to be here in the winter. Travelling on the firm snow and scree was nice. After rounding up a highpoint, we noticed the summit cairn which appeared to be a person. Soon thereafter, we stood by the large inukshook with Mount Nelson looming over us. We paused before continuing along the ridge to Watch Peak.

large avalanche path

The access road crosses this avalanche path a couple of times.

long climb

Climbing to the ridge crest (picture taken on descent).

mount villeneuve

On the ridge in less than an hour, Mount Villeneuve (arrow) is the hightpoint of Paradise Ridge.

mount bruce

The north-eastern view towards Mount Bruce.

mount slade

North-western view with Mount Slade.

looking back

Looking back, our sleds are on the highpoint.

bucentaure peak

Bucentaure Peak marks the south-east end of Paradise Ridge.

trafalgar and nelson

Mount Trafalgar (center) and impressive Mount Nelson.

nice inukshook

Nearing the "person on the ridge" with Watck Peak on the left.

almost there

A short stint away.

looking back again

Looking back again.

at the top

Standing next to the large inukshook.

panorama resort

Bucentaure Peak, Panorama Ski Resort and Mount Goldie.

mount nelson

Mount Nelson, a prize scramble in this region.

ridge to watch peak

The connecting ridge to Watch Peak.

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