Video Peak GR:591834

elevation: 2,565 m. height gain: 1,250 m.
area: Rogers Pass,BC map 82 N/5

Park at the Rogers Pass Discovery Center. Skin up Connaught Drainage. Before the back of the draw, head north-west into the forest, 607826. There's usually an uptrack to Ursus Trees; it initially climbs to the right of a sheltered gully. Further up, near the top of "Hospital Gully", 606828, Hospital/Ursus Minor Bowl divides Bruin's Ridge (left) and Ursus Trees (right). Make your way to the head of Hospital/ Ursus Minor Bowl. Video Peak's north-east ridge is accessed by a steep slope climber's left of some rockbands. It is possible to ski right to the top.
connaught drainage

Connaught Drainage.

past the trailhead

Shortly after the trailhead.
Ski touring: RT 6.5; 4.5 up. Fabrice and I have spent our weekends in Rogers Pass this month. It's been nice to return to the area where I started ski touring, already twenty years ago... We've been taking advantage of the really good skiing conditions and milder temperatures on the west side of the Divide. With a stable snowpack, ski lines mark steep slopes and chutes everywhere in the alpine. Using a popular approach, our objective is a great outing which doesn't require too much time, offers great views and grants an excellent ski run; it's a must for all skiing peak-baggers!!! On a previous trip four days earlier, we spotted a couple of lines down Video Peak. Since then, a few more skiers have reached the top and laid down some nice turns; Fab and I simply followed the uptrack. As we neared the steeper terrain higher up, I was pleased to see there had been no recent wind event; the snow was light and the track wasn't drifted-in. For the final stretch to the ridge and summit, we were basking in the sun. We continued, keeping our distance and skinned all the way to the top. We were very pleased with the sights even if the southern view was obscured. The wind was calm so we stayed until clouds started moving in. We prepared to ski down before losing good visibility. Fab went first and when he got to the bottom of the slope, I went. I aimed for untracked snow right away. The first turns were exciting with sloughing snow running fast ahead of my skis. Skiing the fluffy boot-top to knee-deep snow was phenomenal, that ski run was perfect!!! We were so lucky the slope wasn't tracked out. Lower down, we watched another group make their way to the top; by then, visibility was reduced... Yep, we were lucky indeed.
heading up to ursus

Connaught Creek below.

our objective in the sun

Emerging into Ursus Minor Bowl, Video Peak is in the sun.

veering into ursus bowl

We veer towards Ursus Minor Bowl, the uptrack for Bruin's Ridge is visible behind Fab.

ursus minor bowl

Ursus Minor Bowl.

alongside ursus trees

Climbing alongside of Ursus Trees.

excellent ski run

Video Peak offers an excellent ski run.

cheops mountain's in the clouds

Cheops Mountain is engulfed by clouds, Balu Pass can be seen (far right).

ursus minor mountain

Ursus Minor Mountain is another popular destination.

steep up-track

The uptrack climbs steeply climber's left of the outcrop.

stepping into the sun

Stepping into the sun.

gaining the ridge

Approaching the steep pitch to gain the ridge crest.

steep terrain

Spacing ourselves out on this steep terrain.

summit ahead

The summit is a short distance away.

top of the steep pitch

Fab at the top of the steep pitch with Ursus Minor Mountain in the background.

skinning to the top

Skinning to the top!

reduced visibility south of us

Visibility is greatly reduced south of us.

at the top

Enjoying sunny conditions and no wind on our 40th summit this year!

balu peak and ursus major mountain

Pinnacles down the ridge look like bear teeth, inspiring another name for the summit we're on. Balu Peak and Ursus Major Mountain (right) in the background.

ursus minor and grizzly mountains

Ursus Minor and Grizzly Mountains.

north-western view

Looking north-west with Ursus Creek below.

bear teeth pinnacles

Bear Teeth protruding behind Fab, Video Peak is the highpoint.

bruins pass

Two skiers at Bruin's Pass.

skiing from the top

Skiing from the top, whoot, whoot!!!

phenomenal skiing conditions

Phenomenal skiing conditions down an excellent ski run.
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