Unnamed Peak GR:503178

elevation: 3,010 m. height gain: 450 m. (from Hector Pass)
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 82 N/9

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
hector pass

Heading to Hector Pass.
Scramble: RT: 9.25 (including Little Hector); 1.25 up from Hector Pass. Unnamed Peak gets a lot of attention due to its mention in the Alan Kane scrambling book; it's a good side trip from either Mount Andromache or Little Hector. Having done Andromache, in 2006, I decided to combine this extension with my visit to Little Hector. The traverse to Hector Pass is straightforward and pleasant. From there, it's easy to pick the best line of ascent on Unnamed's lower slopes. I continued on easy terrain and soon reached the upper mountain; I ascended firm snow to the top. The views are just as good as the views from the surrounding peaks; I was glad to have made the extra effort to come this way. I heard and saw a few people on Mount Andromache; it was a good day in the mountains! I called Fab on the satellite phone and had lunch. It was nice to sit, relax and enjoy the scenery. I returned the same way, enjoying a short but decent glissade from the top.
unnamed looks easy

Unnamed Peak is very straightforward.

easy line of ascent

I picked a line of ascent between the two outcrops.

easy terrain

More easy terrain.

last pitch

The last pitch.

wide summit

A cairn dots the wide summit.

view north

Noseeum Peak in the foreground with Watermelon Peak (right).

mount andromache

The connecting ridge to Mount Andromache.

leaving the top

Leaving the top with a quick glissade.

big and small hectors

Mount Hector and Little Hector.

traverse back

Traversing back up towards Little Hector.

more traverse

More of the traverse.

nearing the ascent band

Nearing the beige and grey band I ascended earlier.

view west

Western view over Hector Lake.

lower basin below

The lower basin below.

nearing the headwall

Getting close to the headwall.


Some cairns can be helpful.

carefully backtracking

I recognized the easy way I used previously.

looking down

Looking down the ledges.
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