Twin Peaks (Cabin Ridge) GR:783492

elevation: 2,520 m. height gain: 850 m.
area: South Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/2

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken

Trailhead as seen from the Oldman FSR.
Scramble: 4.75 up to North Peak. Continuing with this fall's theme in good fashion, I decided to drive down to the southern part of the Kananaskis and spend the weekend. I left Golden in the afternoon; the snowy drive through Highwood Pass didn't compare to road 940 south of Gunnery Mountain. There was at least 15 cm of fresh snow on the ground, I started reconsidering how to approach tomorrow's objective. As it got dark, I decided to spend the night at Cataract Creek's staging area. I studied Google Earth (which I had cached on my laptop) to find optional routes in case the drive to the trailhead on the Oldman FSR was not feasible. The following morning, I headed out past Livingstone-Coffin in diminishing snow; by the time I reached the Oldman FRS, there was almost no snow. That access road is well-indicated and popular, I had no trouble making it to the trailhead. I carried a heavy pack, I was planning to stay the night at treeline to catch the sunset and sunrise. I followed the exploration trail to a clearing, the cutline is obvious but I decided to follow the old road climber's right. That road is overgrown in places, the cutline joins it higher up and seems to be a better option. I was following a group's footprints. Unsure of where they were going, I took the time to verify my position at numerous intersections; a section in a drainage was particularly confusing, the road seemed to disappear among young trees. I followed the meandering footprints curious of where they would lead me, it looked like the other group "worked it" to locate the old road further. I carried on a bit and checked my position again, by then I was pretty sure that the group ahead was also going to Twin Peaks. At treeline, I unloaded my camping gear before continuing to South Peak. When I crested atop the approach ridge, I noticed the group on South Peak; as I plodded to the ascent slopes, they walked along the connecting ridge to North Peak. When I reached the lower summit, they reached the taller one. While I made my way across the connecting ridge to ascend North Peak, the large group passed by me on the traverse below the ridge. We exchanged waves and I carried on to the top of North Peak. The wind was bearable, I enjoyed a decent break before heading down. I followed the traverse to regain the approach ridge after which I retrieved my gear and found a camping spot nettled in the trees. I thoroughly enjoyed the fine sunset before retiring for the night in my bivy bag. The following morning I was treated to a beautiful sunrise. This trip was a delightful experience, I got to witness Mother Nature's beauty in solitude, well almost in solitude....
on the right track

On the right track!

narrow swath

I recognize this narrow swath with the southern peak of Twin Peaks in the background.

little bridge

A little bridge precedes the clearing.


The clearing.

on the old road

The old road is good at first but gets overgrown before the cutline joins it.

several position checks

After several intersections and "position checks", I see the objective ahead.


Treeline is where I'll spend the night.

twin peaks ahead

The higher northern peak on the left and the southern peak on the right.

approach ridge

The approach ridge naturally leads to the lower peak.

climbing south peak

Ascending South Peak first.

looking back

Looking back along the approach ridge, the Continental Divide is engulfed.

top of south peak

North Peak from the top of South Peak.

view south

View south along Cabin Ridge with Sugarloaf Lookout (right of center).

view north east

Mount Livingstone and Coffin Mountain to the north-east.

connecting ridge

Travelling on the connecting ridge towards the second peak.

summit block

A nice trail leads to the summit block.

short scramble

The scramble is short and straightforward.

summit ahead

Summit ahead.

view north

Monad Peak (left of center) to the north.

south peak

South Peak from North Peak.

north western view

North-west, beyond Pasque Mountain, is the High Rock Range which is part of the southern Continental Ranges.

heading down

Heading down and aiming for the visible traverse.

the elevators is distinctive

To the west, The Elevators are very distinctive.

on the traverse

On the traverse.


Backtracking on the approach ridge.

awesome sunset

Awesome sights as the sun sets.

the elevators again

The Elevators are captivating.

mount gould

South-western view with Mount Gould.


The following morning I awaken to a beautiful sunrise over Cabin Ridge.


Alpenglow as the sun rises.

more sunrise

More of the sunrise.


I chose the straightforward cutline on my way down.

drive back

This picture was taken near Banff on the drive back.
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