Treasurevault Mountain (Mosquito Range Traverse North)

elevation: 4,176 m. height gain: 85 m. (from Mosquito Peak)
area: Leadville,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Climax, CO

treasurevault mountain

Treasurevault Mountain is peak #3 of this 5-peak traverse.
Hike: RT 8.75 (includes Kuss and Mosquito Peaks, Mounts Tweto and Arkansas); 30 minutes up from Mosquito Peak. Unranked 13er Treasurevault Mountain looks similar to Mosquito Peak but a shallower saddle separates the two summits compared to the saddle between Kuss and Mosquito. Another difference is all the mining equipment in between the two summits. The slopes of Mosquito Peak and Treasurevault Mountain are scarred from past mining activity, numerous roads crisscross the hillsides. At the col, a full-sized air compressor, a driller and other items were simply left behind, I wondered why the equipment was abandoned. Gotta admit it made the descent to the col more interesting as I do appreciate Leadville's mining history and I find it fascinating to see all the relics on the surrounding mountains. From there, I tackled Treasurevault's ascent slopes via the firm drift-snow lee of the rocks, it was by far the fastest and easiest way to travel. The climb was a bit shorter than Mosquito's and just as straightforward. I reached peak #3 of the traverse in good spirit, the weather was stable with no clouds in sight and no wind worth mention. I felt very fortunate to be able to soak in the view of endless mountains without feeling stressed about the weather. The remaining part of the traverse seemed a little more challenging with a greater distance to travel for Mount Tweto and a moderately difficult traverse to Mount Arkansas because of snow. I still couldn't see if I had a way down the westside of Mount Arkansas from here; curious about what lay ahead, I left the summit after a short stay.
air compressor

This air compressor looks like a hot dog stand.

looking back

Looking back at scarred Mosquito Peak.

sawatch range

Mounts Elbert (left) and Massive (right) are famous giants of the Sawatch Range.

view west

View west with Mount Sopris in the distance (middle), the Elk Range is visible beyond the Sawatch.

more peaks of the sawatch range

More popular peaks of the Sawatch Range with 14ers labeled orange.

easy peasy

Easy peasy!

view north-west

View north-west from the top, Mount of the Holy Cross is discernible beyond Buckeye Peak.

remainder of the traverse

The remainder of the traverse to Mounts Tweto and Arkansas, peaks #4-5.

mount buckskin and loveland mountain

Mount Buckskin and Loveland Mountain.

view south-east

Looking south-east with Loveland Mountain on the left, London and Pennsylvania Mountains on the right.

highway co-91

Highway CO-91 leads to Leadville, hopefully I can catch a ride back!

mount arkansas

A close up of Mount Arkansas, the highlight of this traverse.

more 14ers

14ers in orange and a good view on the challenging Tweto-Buckskin Traverse.

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