Torreys Peak (Loveland-Bakerville Traverse)

elevation: 4,348 m.  height gain: 470 m. (from Grizzly Peak)
area: Loveland Pass,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Grays Peak, CO

torreys peak

Torreys Peak is still shrouded by cloud.
Scramble: RT 13.0 (includes Cupid, Grizzly and Grays); 3.75 up from Grizzly. Torreys Peak hosts varied ascent routes other than the normal South Slopes from Grays Peak, those include the Kelso Ridge scramble and several snow couloirs. The West Ridge from Grizzly Peak is another possibility, although it's quite uneventful, the descent from Grizzly to the connecting saddle grants an interesting walk on a corniced ridge at this time. That section is possibly the most exciting part of the traverse and guarantees good photo opportunities! Once at the saddle, below Torreys Peak, we took a break and watched the skiers we had met on Cupid make their way down, they had also struggled in the whiteout earlier... Anyway, after chatting with them, we proceeded to climb Torreys' steep slopes. The terrain was more wind-affected than Grizzly Peak's ascent and the snow patches were pleasantly stiff giving way to smooth travel. The climb was long but not difficult, a couple of "breathers" along the way really helped. When we gained the top of the steep slopes, the way to the summit came into view at the end of a long sweeping snow ridge. We conversed while walking, keeping to the ridge crest as we neared the summit. We reached the top in good spirit, visibility had greatly improved and offered spectacular views all around. We stayed at the top for quite some time, we needed to replenish as we still had quite a ways to go. This was peak #3 of the day, a 14er and we were on our final leg of the traverse. What a great trip this was shaping up to be!

lenawee mountain

Lenawee Mountain.

chihuahua gulch

Chihuahua Gulch south-west of us.

interesting ridge walk

Interesting ridge walk down from Grizzly Peak.

grizzly gulch

Grizzly Gulch to the north.

the summit is hiding

Torreys Peak hides then reveals itself.

at the col

At the Grizzly-Torreys saddle.

deep discussions

Tim and Ian discussing deep issues...

ascending torreys

Ascending Torreys with Grizzly in the background.

north-western view

North-western view over Mount Sniktau.

breckenridge's ski area

Brenckenridge's ski area in the distance.

cresting on the summit ridge

Cresting on the summit ridge.

nearing the top

Nearing the top.

looking back

Looking back at Grizzly Peak and Cupid.

happy tim

Tim's enjoying this one!

last stretch

Last stretch.

comedy at the top

Comedy at the top.

kelso ridge

Kelso Ridge, Kelso Mountain and Stevens Gulch.

view east

Mount Evans, The Sawtooth and Mount Bierstadt to the east.

grays peak

Grays Peak, our fourth and final objective on this loop.

ian knows all the mountains

Ian knows all the surrounding mountains, passes and valleys!

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