Tigger Peak GR:934887

elevation: 4,054 m.  height gain: 1,315 m.
area: Buena Vista,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Mount Antero, CO

Ref: 14ers.com
wine and bonfire

A bit of wine by a bonfire before a climb is mandatory!
Scramble: RT 14.0 (includes Mount Princeton); 6.0 up. Well, here I am, back in Colorado to climb more 14ers before my work season begins. My visits always take me through Leadville where I catch up with my good friend Tim, this time he's on his spring break. We went camping in Buena Vista, keen to go climbing on friday and sunday. The weather forecast was only favourable for saturday so we decided to save the big outing for that day and go to the hot springs on friday. As it turned out, friday was a pretty nice day although quite breezy. We enjoyed a mellow day and a fine supper around a bonfire at camp, that sure was a great way to prepare for the upcoming arduous trip. We got a casual start, hitting the trail by 7:30 AM. The approach was as described, long... at this time of the year, it starts at valley bottom. We carried our snowshoes but we didn't need to use them, a good overnight freeze provided firm snow. Once we gained the north-east saddle of Tigger Peak above treeline, we stopped for a good break. Tim didn't disappoint, he brought bacon-maple glazed donuts. After eating the sweet delights, we ditched some unnecessary weight and carried on. The ascent ridge to Tigger is steepish and since we didn't follow the summer trail to avoid crossing several slide paths, we travelled mainly on talus and snow. I started to feel the altitude as we approached Tigger's summit, my pace slowed down. Mount Princeton appeared a fair distance away, 2.5 kilometers to be exact! We took some pictures and with little hesitation, we were on our way to Princeton. Although Tigger Peak is an unranked 13er, it is part of Princeton's winter ascent and requires to be ascended twice. Tigger Peak is also labeled on the topo map; for this reason, I think it warrants its own page!!


From the trailhead at valley bottom, the towers are barely visible (far right).

at the towers

It took us 2 hours to reach the towers.

treed hump ahead

We followed the road to the treed hump (right center), Tigger Peak is left of it and Princeton on its right.

approaching the approach

Approaching the approach to the approach.
Picture courtesy of Tim Best.

avoiding the slide path

We'll avoid the slide path by ascending directly to the road above.

still approaching

Still approaching...

gaining the saddle

Leaving the road behind to gain the saddle.

well-deserved break

A well-deserved break at Tigger Peak's north-eastern saddle.

bacon maple donut

In good fashion, Tim brought bacon-maple glazed donuts!

climbing tigger's ridge

Climbing Tigger Peak's talus ridge instead of following the summer trail.

talus or snow

Tim likes talus... just kiddin'!

staying on snow

Staying on firm snow wherever possible.
Picture courtesy of Tim Best.

awesome sundog

Awesome sundog.
Picture courtesy of Tim Best.

mount princeton

Mount Princeton.

summit of tigger peak

On the summit of Tigger Peak with Mount Princeton in the background.

lets go get it

OK Tim, lets go get it!!

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