Tiara Peak GR:407451

elevation: 2,542 m. height gain: 803 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/15

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken
from the car

Scramble: RT 6.0; 3.0 up. We wanted to try Fable but had to scale down our objective. We just placed Lincoln at the kennel and were about to leave when we checked the forecast again; cloudy, 60% POP and risk of thundershowers. We didn't want to linger because of the long drive after a work day so we quickly looked up Bob's site and printed his directions. The trailhead is difficult to locate, especially in the dark. We drove past it by about 200 m. where there are a couple of pull-overs on the west side of the narrow road and parked, 441464. Those pulls are a safer place to park offering a good view and a possible bushwhack to the cutblock ahead and trail (15 min.). The actual trail starts at a culvert and it is faint; at the bottom of the grassy slope, the creek crossing has old logs that were once a bridge. The trail is easy to follow from this point. At the end of the second cutblock, the trail veers right heading into the forest ahead. The trail is a cutline that reaches the ascent drainage. If you happen to miss the junction and veer left towards the creek below, it also leads to the ascent drainage. We took the right fork at a convergence, 419457. It is possible to go ahead, following the creek bed for more direct lines of ascent.  We reached the ridge soon after finding a way through the cliff band and made our way to the south-west slopes of the summit block, which led to the top. The alternate descent was straightforward and fast. The weather held up and it was absolutely a bonus!

Early morning from the car.

second cutblock

Second cutblock, the cut line is visible on the east side of the valley.

creek junction

This is a convergence at 419457, the right fork heads towards Belmore Browne and the left drainage leads to the eastern slopes below the summit block of Tiara.

leaving the trail

We left the trail that heads in the red scree to gain Tiara's north ridge.

heading for the ridge

We found a way through the rockband following the grassy slope.

on the ridge

On the ridge heading for the summit block. We traversed at its base on the east side to the south-west slopes.

fab at the top

Fab at the summit. The weather is moving in.

from the summit

Looking east; the approach (cutblocks) and the ascent which is out of sight behind the ridge (left).

summit block from descent gully

Tiara from the alternate descent. 

alternate descent

Looking down towards the creek bed that easily joins the trail.
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