Thunder Mountain

elevation: 2,335 m.
height gain: 960 m.
area: Oldman River,AB
map 82 G/16



The trail begins at the far end.
Scramble: RT 7.0; 3.5 up. I was very excited to have both Jay and Ariane join me for this scramble. I left the day before and drove down highway 22 all the way to the intersection for Maycroft (hwy 517) and parked on the side of the road well in sight; I planned to spend the night there and wait to meet my friends tomorrow morning. They were late arriving, I called both of them and left messages. I worried about them, I was hoping they didn't have an accident on their way here. After an hour, I called again to let them know that I was migrating to the trailhead... The pullout was easy to find, I parked and was gathering my stuff when Jay drove up; I was really relieved to see them. There had been a misunderstanding and they were looking for me in Longview. Anyway, we found the trail and started hiking on the ridge. We stayed in the trees as much as possible, it was windy. I hadn't seen Ariane in a while, there was much catching up to do. The ridge offered pleasant travel with some fun bits. We were surprised with this little mountain, the ridge crest is at times narrow and entertaining. As we neared the summit, we encountered some snow but it wasn't deep. We gained the summit in little time and enjoyed a very good break; it didn't seem nearly as windy as lower down. We took pictures at the cairn and sat by the telemetry, I think it offered some shelter. After an hour, we leisurely retraced our steps back down the mountain. This trip was short for the amount of driving but for me that's never been an issue; besides, I got to see my besties and that in itself made it all worthwhile!!

north ridge

Gaining the north ridge in a flash.

oldman river

The Gap and the Oldman River.

pleasant ridge

Walking on a pleasant ridge, the objective isn't far.

big boulder

This big boulder stands out.

nice break

Higher up, we take a nice break to enjoy the day, good food and great company!


The ridge is entertaining.

view north

View north towards Thrift Peak.

gaining ground fast

Gaining ground quickly.

looking west

Looking west with Mount Erris (right of center) and Gould Dome on the far right.

tornado mountain

To the north-west, distinctive Tornado Mountain (far left) is easy to pick out.

interesting ridge

Interesting ridge features on this small mountain.


The telemetry and summit ahead.

walking to the cairn

Walking to the cairn.

at the top

Ariane and I at the summit cairn.

southern view

Southern view towards Mount Ptolemy (I think)...

looking east

Looking east.

heading down

Heading down.

nice ridge walk

Nice ridge walk.

fun bit

Fun bit.


Posing on the ridge crest.

back in the trees

Back in the trees.
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