Temple, Mount

elevation: 3,543 m. height gain: 1,690 m.
area: Lake Louise,AB map 82 N/8

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies

Moraine Lake parking lot.
Scramble: After scrambling up Cascade and Rundle, I wanted to climb the highest mountain in Kane's book; as long as it was not rated difficult. Temple was the objective. We left early weighed down by many unnecessary things. In Larch Valley we found a spot to leave thermarest and MSR, we figured an extended break would be needed after the ascent. The weather was relatively mild with high clouds. Mitch, Eric, Dan and I were set on reaching this very lofty summit. With a steady pace, we followed the nice trail up Sentinel Pass. A path continues towards the ridge, well indicated by numerous cairns. Even with a bit of snow we proceeded up the trail with little difficulty. That is a wonder to me, we were all so inexperienced. I recall crouching behind a boulder to reduce the wind-chill at the top. I had stuffed my jacket in Dan's pack and was at the summit quite ahead of him; a lesson well learnt... Still, I was happy to be there, it is so incredibly beautiful. After taking pictures, passing the alpine axe for the pose, we quickly made our way down. We took advantage of a few snow patches for our first glissades; yahoo, that's awesome.
popular trail

Larch Valley with Eiffel Peak in the back.

larch valley

Further, we leave unnecessary items.


Mount Temple.

sentinel pass

Sentinel Pass.

south-west ridge

Along the ridge.

the odd fog patch

The trail is visible under the snow.

obviously inexperienced

Sheltered behind a rock because I stowed my jacket in Dan's pack. Eric looks cold too.

quick, i want my jacket

Dan bringing up the rear.

dan at the top

Fantastic view from our first 11 000'.

thumbs up

Real tourists high up on a mountain.

great fun

A glissade for the camera.
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