Protection Mountain (Television Peak) GR:708893

elevation: 2,970 m. height gain: 1,504 m.
area: Banff/Bow Valley,AB map 82 O/5

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies

The trailhead.
Scramble: RT 12.0. Fab is going up Castle with Winston, I've been there so I'm attempting TV peak. The hike to Tower Lake was quick, from there the view unfolds and is like no other. At Rockbound Lake we took a break, fully enjoying this majestic place. We followed the ascent gully to a broad shelf above Rockbound Lake where we split up. I climbed towards Helena Ridge and Fab traversed to the lower terrace; one of the most beautiful spots I've ever seen, I remember hiking through there in 96. I had an extra 8.5 km to do and the weather appeared unstable. That motivated me to treat this as a race: quick, put your head down and lets go! When Fab called me from the top of Castle, I was at the foot of the final ascent slope; the ridge dips before ascending the last bit. Pretty good I thought but I had to hussle! He hung out at the top with Winston taking a nap until I summited, 2 hrs from Stuart Knob. I didn't stay long at the top, equipped with huge propane tanks and antennas; I felt my brain waves scramble (just kidding). The weather was still holding up but I really wanted to minimize Fab's wait with the pooch, especially if it started raining, so off I went, drinking my Redbull on the way down. The terraces I traveled, below Stuart/Helena are simply stunning. This area as got to be one of my favorite places with rock never seen before: "from the Middle Cambrian period, 530 million years ago". I often visited Rockbound Lake in the early 90's on a mountain bike, when it was not so illegal!

nearing tower lake

Approaching Tower Lake.

tower lake

Tower Lake bordered by Castle's impressive walls.

rockbound lake

Rockbound Lake and its slabby shore; very majestic place.

towards helena ridge

The ascent gully accessing Kane's four scrambles.

rockbound again

Looking across the lake.

trail up helena

The ascent to Helena, Stuart and TV climbs the scree trail.

looking back at the lakes

The two lakes from higher up.

lower terrace

Lower terrace leadind to Castle Mountain's ascent gully.

helena traverse

I traversed below Helena's cliff bands.

upper terrace

Amazing hiking on the upper terrace.

the objective

TV Peak beyond Stuart Knob, a ways away!

close up

Short but very loose traverse below Stuart, the snow was firm.

connecting ridge

Looking back at Stuart Knob from the connecting ridge.

tv from the ridge

Television Peak is now officially known as Protection Mountain.

summit hardware

Hardware at the top of Television Peak.

more hardware

More hardware.


Castle Mountain from the upper terrace.

coming back

Rejoining with Fab and Winston.
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