Tegart, Mount

elevation: 2,381 m. height gain: 600 m.
area: Windermere,BC map 82 J/5

Ref: Aaron Cameron and Matt Gunn's Hikes around Invermere & the Columbia River Valley.

Mount Tegart from the highway.
Scramble: RT: 2.75; 1.5 up. This brief scramble avoids hiking in trees altogether. We brought our quad along in order to save our aged truck. Using the quad offered quick access and less chance of a breakdown on the bumpy logging road, we were even able to go beyond the trailhead up the old steep road, saving 1.4 km (one way). Parked at the slide path terminus, the objective is in view. The steady climb up the grassy slopes to the ridge is steep. Once on the ridge, indeed the summit is just minutes away. A short section gives just enough excitement to break up this otherwise simple grunt. Below the ridge, we veered left, taking the scree filled gully for a quick way down. Overall, a nice scramble; short and sweet!

Past the trailhead, at the end of the old road.

grassy slopes

Very straightforward ascent up the grassy slopes.

a bit of snow

Boot tracks on the remaining snow.

looking back

Nice open terrain, little shrubbery.

last bit

The summit cairn is visible.


Great view on a warm but windy day.

must add rock

Fab compelled to add a rock in a silly way.

heading down

Heading down to our packs for shelter.

hands on

A couple of moves required.

steep slopes

Skirting around an outcrop.

coming down scree

Back down the drainage.
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