Taynton, Mount

elevation: 2,405 m. height gain: 1,225 m.
area: Invermere,BC map 82 K/8

Drive to Panorama Ski Resort and park at the upper parking lot. Walk along Summit Drive past Taynton Lodge and carry on next to the platter lift. We continued ascending while veering climber's left until we reached Taynton Trail, the ski-out on the east side of the resort. We followed that road to Mount Taynton's ascent ridge, 573884. We dropped to the drainage, crossed it and climbed the steep rib. After 200 meters of height gain, the alders subside and the remainder of the ridge to the summit is more pleasant.
at the start

Starting along the platter lift.
Snowshoe trip: 9.75; 5.0 up. Visiting diminutive Mount Taynton is nothing to write home about... but at this time of the year, it is a worthwhile objective. Although the sights from the summit are obstructed by sparse trees, there are plenty of fine opportunities to snap pictures along the ascent ridge. The ski-out grants a decent approach. Once across the drainage, the ascent in the forest begins. The grade is steep at first and climbing in snagging alder is frustrating; fortunately, the remainder of the ridge is quite pleasant. There wasn't much snow lower down but as we progressed, snow depth increased (boot-top). A crust provided a good base when we decided to strap on the snowshoes higher up. The sky slowly became hazy. At the top, the sun was covered; good thing it wasn't windy. We stayed long enough to eat and sip some hot chocolate. We returned the same way, reaching the truck by headlamp. The route is straightforward and boasts 1,200 meters of height gain; even if disappointed with the view, you'll still be satisfied with the exercise.
paradise ridge

Looking towards Paradise Ridge across the valley.

taynton's west ridge

Mount Taynton's west ridge is easily reached from Panorama's ski-out (Taynton Trail), we aimed for the skyline.


We crossed a drainage after dipping down from the ski-out.

lots of alder

Trekking becomes easier following 200 meters of height gain on steep, alder infested slopes.

much better

That's more like it!

quite pleasant

The remainder of the ascent ridge is quite pleasant.

snowshoes on

We put on the snowshoes for the last stretch.

flat summit ahead

The flat summit of Mount Taynton appears.

mount goldie

Mount Goldie.

panorama ski resort

Panorama Ski Resort and Taynton Bowl behind Fab.

almost there

Almost there.

vast summit

The vast summit of Taynton.

good break

Well deserved break.

hazy conditions

Hazy conditions.

heading back

Heading back.

rimed trees

Walking through rimed trees.

mount nelson

Prominent Mount Nelson peers over a cloud layer.

last sunrays

Last bit of sun before we venture in the shaded valley.
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