Survey Peak

elevation: 2,667 m. height gain: 1,280 m.
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 82 N/15

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies.
at the start

Recognizable outline of Mount Chephren in the morning glow.
Snowshoe trip: RT 9.0; 6.0 up. Inspired by Drew and Mark's trip report, we set off hoping we would find remnants of their up-track in the trees. We left early and hiked the Glacier Lake Trail quickly along the Howse River Flats. After passing two little bridges, near the 5 km mark, we searched for signs of an up-track. We kept going away from the east ridge of Survey and started thinking we missed their trail; maybe it's buried. Therefore, off the trail we went, weaving through trees and deadfall into shallow snow; the worst was to follow... As we gained height, the snowpack started to get deeper and remained unconsolidated. Trail breaking was very difficult, Fab and I took turns in front. We initially stayed in a forested gully feature, where the snow was shallower. Higher up, knee-deep trail breaking slowed progress; at some point, I didn't think we would make it up there. As we continued, aiming for snow bombs on the ground, the snowpack became more supportive. After 4 hours, nearly on the ridge, we noticed the old up-track. Still discernable, we followed it to treeline. We took our second 15-minute break and started heading to the top. We reached the cairn very exhausted but happy to be there, awesome views all around. We had tea and cookies, the wind was light. This is a nice, long snowshoe trip with rewarding sights and accomplishment. 
at the bridge

Looking north-west from the bridge.

the objective

The objective from the viewpoint, 2.3 km in.


Howse River Flats and Mount Outram.

nearing treeline

Finally on the ridge, after 4 hours of great effort.


At treeline, we enjoyed the weather and surrounding sights.

last bit

Final plod to the summit.

south end of wilson

Mount Wilson dominates the eastern view.

staying left of rocks

Snowshoeing to the top.

at the top

Mount Forbes.


Time for a cup-o-tea.

david thompson highway

Heading back down, Saskatchewan Crossing ahead.


Large cornice and wind features.


A good look at Cirrus Mountain.

last glimpse

One last look and soak in the sun.
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