St-Piran, Mount (Traverse)

elevation: 2,744 m. height gain: 888 m.
area: Lake Louise,AB map 82 N/8

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies

Scramble: Good objective with much purpose. Most importantly, preparing our pup for the hiking season and getting him familiarized with horses and hoards of people on a trail. In the parks, he must learn to be on his best behavior and on leash (most of the time). Fab went to Lake Agnes with the pup but I left the trail to ascend the east gully/ridge to the summit. I came down the south-west ridge for a while then aimed for the back of the lake; below I could see Fab and Link. The trail to the Beehive was busy, busy, busy!

Past the teahouse at the back of Lake Agnes.

st piran

Slopes of St-Piran.

at the top

At the summit with Mount Niblock behind.

shelter at the top

A huge shelter at the top.

my descent

The descent gully to Lake Agnes.

link waiting

Lincoln waiting like a good boy.
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