Storm Mountain (Traverse)

elevation: 3,092 m. height gain: 1,050 m.
area: Highwood Pass,AB map 82 J/10

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
south-west gully

We followed a nice trail up the south-west drainage.
Scramble: RT 6.0; 3.25 up. More fantastic weather, sunny and calm. It is hard to skip a weekend outing with such conditions. Because of the long drive, we decided on Storm's short scramble. We went up the south-west gully and came down the north-west gully for an exciting loop. The trail leads to the back of the basin quickly. We gained the ridge using the protruding rock strata, barely setting foot on loose rubble and headed for the southern summit. At the false summit, we descended a little to reach the ramp. It is an exhilarating position but the ramp is wide. Going up the break to gain the final section proved to be challenging for me. The length of the moderate scrambling taxed my psyche! Fab patiently coaxed me up. At the top, we enjoyed the amazing view and windless conditions. With calmed nerves, I followed Fab across the west ridge. About midway on the short connecting ridge, it is possible to drop down on the right (north) side and traverse below the narrow bit. The descent route requires finding the best possible way avoiding thin layers of scree on slab. Precarious scrambling took us back down to the north basin. We followed the drainage back down to the road. A very fine day with a rewarding summit. 
near the basin

Pleasant hiking heading into the basin.

in the basin

The ascent to the ridge and the false summit are in view.

looking back

Looking back at the meadow below.

heading to south-west ridge

The ascent is enjoyable on the rock strata.

on the ridge

Storm's true summit from the ridge crest.

to the false summit

Heading to the false summit.

true summit

The ramp on the east side and summit ahead.

east side

The eastern valley from the ramp.

on the ramp

On the ramp.

mist in the background

Looking back at the false summit, Mist Mountain in the background.

crux ahead

Challenging section preceding the top.


Summit cairn and western view.


Mount Rae.

west ridge

Fab midway on the west ridge. 

last look

A last look at the summit.

quick descent

Heading down the north-west drainage.

more descent

Finding the better scree run.

the descent

Descent from the true summit (T) and south summit (right).

back to grasses

Heading down the drainage.

highway below

A short, casual descent to the road.
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