Storm Mountain

elevation: 3,161 m. height gain: 1,500 m.
area: Banff/Bow Valley,AB map 82 N/1

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
break time

Finally out of the trees into the drainage.
Scramble: Wess and I decided to hike in late in the afternoon and camp near treeline in the drainage. Bushwhacking, plagued by deadfall, made travelling slower than expected. We were pleased to reach the boulder field and hastily ate our supper in order to stow away the food. I was nervous about bears coming for a visit. I remember Wess was perched on a big, square boulder when he said to me "bears will go for you first"!!! Thanks, I really needed to hear that... Anyway, the next day I was up early (didn't sleep much). The weather was nice and we soon were on the snow. Over half of the ascent from our bivy was on firm snow. It was still quite lengthy though; 4hrs to the top. The summit plod on the broad ridge is very rewarding. The view is phenomenal and the cookie shaped shale makes the walk painless. After enjoying the top for a while, we quickly returned. The glissading was great and followed by some fine scree skiing. It only took a little over an hour to reach our bivy site. After packing our things, we continued back down to the car. I figured out not all bushwhacking is equal!
ascent gully

Snow slopes lead to the ascent gully, climber's left of the rockband.

steep snow

The angle is skewed.

at the top

Spectacular view from the summit.

summit view

Mount Ball (left), Mount Beatrice and Stanley Peak (right).


Chunk of cornice pulling away.
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