Snowdome, Mount

elevation: 3,451 m. height gain: 1,465 m.
area: Columbia Icefield,AB map 83 C/3

Ref: Chic Scott's Summits and Icefields

Heading onto the glacier.
Ski mountaineering: Our main goal on this trip was to attain the summit of Mount Columbia. We set off for 4 days. The first day it took a while for everybody to get his or her things together so our start was near the noon hour. We made good time at first but when we reached the headwall, tugging on the rope started to be chronic, as people got tired and unfocused. We were unable to pursue our plod to near the big dip; in hindsight, we should have split up the group in two rope teams for easier travel. We camped near Snowdome, where the névé levels off. The second day we ascended Snowdome. The climb is straightforward but numerous large crevasses exist along the way. We enjoyed fantastic weather and a fine summit stay; the view is spectacular. (Our attempt on Columbia the following day was long with a far camp; we arrived in the afternoon on the south-east face, which had been in the sun all day. The snow was soft and the angle is steep; 400 m. short, we decided to turn around, uneasy about the snow conditions and quite humbled!)
athabasca glacier

Athabasca Glacier before the headwall.

along the way

Above the headwall.


Our camp.


It's beautiful up here, but far from calm.

three in a two man

Slightly crowded.

heading to snowdome

The following day.

where here

Top of Snowdome.

enjoying the moment

Mount Columbia in the background.

summit pose

Summit pose; Shelley, Lisa, Evelyn and me (left to right).

expansive terrain

The north-west arm of the Columbia Glacier, North Twin (left) and Stutfield Peak (right).

heading down

Skiing back down.

back at the truck

Back at the parking lot.
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