Skookumchuck Lookout GR:830381

elevation: 1920 m. height gain: 450 m.
area: Skookumchuck,BC map 82 G/13

Drive south of Skookumchuck and turn towards the pulp mill. Cross the bridge and follow Skook FSR past Tamarack Lake, yellow km markers indicate the main road. Stay on that road and drive as far as you can or want. This road leads to the lookout, it is indicated on the topo map. We drove to the 12 marker with a two-wheel drive. However, we are uncertain of the conditions of the road higher up. From the lookout tower it is possible to continue north along the treed ridge to a slightly higher point with no view.
heading out

Soon after leaving the car, we encounter snow.
Hike/snowshoe trip: RT 4.0; 1.5 up. A nice outing with the dogs followed by some camping. We planned a short hike and hoped the remaining snow would be firm enough for the hounds. We drove a bit further than expected and parked next to a creek. We hiked on the road for a bit and cut through a huge clearing. When we came to the snow covered road, we decided to simply head straight up in the light timber. I put on my snowshoes but Fab traveled without, going from one dry patch to another. The hounds were staying on top of the snow, chasing each other and picking up scents. We truly enjoy watching them in the wild, they are so bouncy! The forecasted rain held up and we hung out at the decomissioned tower for a while. The sprint to the higher point took 12 minutes.
in the clearing

Instead of following the road, we cut through a clearing on a skid road.

looking back

Looking south, the nasty weather skirted us all day.

a look back towards skook

The pulp mill is visible.

at the tower

Already at the top!

northern view

Mount Allen from the tower.

curious dogs

Rupert and Lincoln.

higher point

The tower from the north end of the ridge.

back at the tower

Great afternoon with awesome company.

back at camp

Another "skookum" weekend!
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