Skoki Mountain

elevation: 2,697 m. height gain: 530 m. (from Skoki Lodge)
area: Skoki Area,AB map 82 N/8-N/9

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
skoki mountain

Skoki Mountain.
Scramble: RT 13.0 (including Oyster Peak); 1.25 up from Skoki Lodge. Following Oyster Peak's descent, we continued on the trail nearly to Red Deer Lakes campground then towards Skoki. Little did we know, a trail handrails Fossil Mountain at treeline and cuts-off 1.5 km. Despite the little detour, we made our way to Skoki Lodge in good spirits. From the beautiful lodge, we located the outhouses and trailhead to Skoki Mountain. The trail is easy to follow and quickly leads to treeline. The ascent slope is bicolored, we climbed the gray talus and came down the finer, looser orange scree. It took minimal time and effort to reach this viewpoint. Fab and I tucked ourselves behind the cairn; sheltered from the wind we enjoyed the view for a while. After numerous picture taking sessions and a lot of food, we started to contemplate returning. Coming down the mountain is ridiculously fast, the scree run is a riot! We were back at the lodge in record time. The rest of the hike was pleasant, we slowed the pace and enjoyed the lovely landscape. The deep blue lakes in the Merlin Valley as well as Skoki Lakes south of the Wall of Jericho are worth visiting some day... The popular trail to Deception Pass is fabulous. It was still sunny in the late afternoon. As we hiked next to rockbands along Ptarmigan Lake, we were greeted by several marmots basking in the sun. We continued down Boulder Pass and reached the campsite at 8 PM. Supper was delicious... We slept like babies... On our way out the following morning, we ran into a grizzly bear on the trail (50-60 feet away). We automatically backed off slapping our poles together, I grabbed my flare. As we backed up so did he. We waited momentarily and spoke very loudly in french. We eventually nervously proceeded still speaking loudly, flare at hand and spray ready to use. Returning was uneventful after that! Even the less than 10 minute bike ride back to the car.
skoki lodge

Skoki Lodge, a historical site.

past the outhouse

Posh outhouses and trailhead.

ascent slope

A very good trail leads to the ascent slope.

great talus

The gray talus offers relatively good footing.

looking back

Looking back.

merlin lake

Beautiful Merlin Valley and Mount Richardson (left).

last bit

Last steps to the top.

skoki top

Redoubt Mountain (center) beyond Ptarmigan Peak and Skoki Lakes, also labelled as Zigadenus and Myosotis Lakes.

view east

Mount Douglas and Mount St. Bride with Oyster Peak in the foreground.

red deer lakes

Red Deer Lakes and the Red Deer valley.

view north west

Mount Hector (left) and Molar Mountain (right).

on our way down

Leaving the summit.

deception pass

Deception Pass, our next destination.

fast descent

Fast and effortless!


The trail is dotted by cairns before entering the forest.

last look

Last look at Skoki Mountain.

deception pass

Deception Pass ahead.

ptarmigan lake

Ptarmigan Lake and Redoubt Mountain from the pass.

marmot country

The trail meanders into marmot country.


One of several marmots curiously staring at us.

boulder pass

Coming down from Boulder Pass.
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