Shunda Mountain Lookout (Baldy Mountain)

elevation: 2,080 m. height gain: 620 m.
area: Nordegg,AB map 83 C/9

Ref: Trail Peak

Note: The road leading to the lookout is called Baldy Mountain Road; it is not plowed in the winter.

muddy road

Hiking along the muddy road.
Hike: RT 6.25; 2.5 up. This outing was meant to be a nice long walk with the dogs and physiotherapy for me. We were hoping the lookout access road would be free of snow partway; it was for a bit but the saturated rutted clay road became difficult to drive with the Sunfire. We pulled over after a little over 1 kilometer. The dogs were happy to get out of the car, it took no time at all before they got muddy. We got their stuff packed up and started hiking the sticky road. I was pleased to walk on a road, I didn't have a lot of mobility in my swollen knee; postholing was out of the question. Fab and I expected snow higher up, we were counting on it being compacted by snowmobile traffic. We ran into snow before the gate; luckily for us, it was packed down. Fab went ahead, I followed tentatively in his footsteps. The snow around the base of the trees was melted; the hounds liked going to the ground patches to sniff out things. The rest of the snowpack was isothermal, they were getting a good workout! We made it to the lookout with no mishaps; we were surprised to see someone already in the lookout tower. We chose a spot in the grasses and pulled out the foamy and fleeces for the dogs; we put their leash on which means "break time". They laid down, ate kibble and started snoozing. The weather was decent, we hung out a good while; our furbies needed a rest and we were happy spending time with them on top of a mountain. Returning was uneventful; the snow remained supportive and I avoided causing further injury to my knee. Once at the car, the hounds got in and went to sleep almost immediately; they were wet and tired. We put the heat on, mostly for them, and went on our way. We really enjoy taking them on little adventures, they get so excited!
shunda mountain

Shunda Mountain Lookout is in sight.

compacted snow

The remaining snow is well compacted by snowmobilers.


A gate restricts the rest of Baldy Mountain Road.

walking tentatively

Walking tentatively in Fab's footsteps.

hounds close by

The hounds are never too far.

rupert waits for me

Rupert is waiting for me, he's my baby.

nearing the lookout

Nearing the lookout.

settling down

Settling down at the end of the road, next to the numerous antennas.


Surprised to see somebody in the lookout this early in the season.

happy to have my doggies

Happy to share this moment with my doggies.

coliseum mountain

Coliseum Mountain.

break time

The hounds are wrapped in their fleece and on leash; break time!

our furbies

Daisy, Rupert and Lincoln.

time to leave

Time to leave before the rain arrives.

good day

This is a good objective for an injured knee.

handing out treats

Handin' out the goods!
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