Sherman, Mount (Sherman Grand Slam)

elevation: 4,278 m.
height gain: 85 m. (from the Gemini-Sherman Col)
area: Leadville,Colorado,USA map USGS 1:24,000 Mount Sherman,
        CO 39106B2

gentle traverse to sherman

A very pleasant gentle traverse leads to the popular 14er.
Ascent:   -North ridge   class 1
Descent:   -South-west ridge   class 2

Hike: RT 7.0 (includes Dyer Mountain, Gemini Peak and Mount Sheridan); 45 minutes up from Gemini Peak. The long connecting meadow-like ridge from Gemini Peak offered an absolutely delightful hike. I enjoyed this beautiful day, the serenity of my surroundings and got lost in my thoughts. I climbed the gentle grade to the summit of Sherman without noticing any effort, I embraced the solitude and felt free. When I reached the summit of the extremely popular 14er, I was elated to have it to myself. I dropped my pack, looked around and took a deep breath before going through my summit rituals. There was a nicely painted rock on the cairn, it indicated the name and altitude of the mountain; there was also a pole with a US flag flapping proudly in the wind. I took my Canadian flag and strung it to the pole below the US flag; to me, this didn't just represent being patriotic but it also depicted unity. The wind stretched both flags as I took pictures, this was a good day! I ate some food and enjoyed the sights staying for quite some time before considering the final stretch of this loop. Before leaving, I took down my flag and reminisced about previous trips in these beautiful lofty Colorado mountains; it was just that kinda day. I started heading down the ridge, still battered by wind and still contemplative. It wasn't too long before I started coming across people on their way up to the summit. Most were focused on the climb and offered a brief greeting as they went up. The trail was easy to follow and granted a great view down Fourmile Creek and Hilltop Mine; seems like a lot of people were coming from that eastern approach. I reached the Sherman-Sheridan Col in good time and I simply continued towards the last objective of this fabulous 4-peak circuit.

bright red alpine plants

Beautiful bright red alpine plants.

looking back at the twin peaks

Looking back at the twin peaks of Gemini.

casual ascent trail

The visible trail ahead casually leads to the summit.

summit ridge

Summit ridge.

lovely walk to the top

Lovely walk to the top.

adding my flag

Adding my flag temporarily, can you tell it's windy!

gemini peak and mount bross

Gemini Peak on the left and Loveland Mountain's long sweeping ridge beyond Pennsylvania Mountain; the tall peak on the right is Mount Bross.

the trailhead below

The trailhead below, I can see my truck.

western view with leadville

The town of Leadville and Turquoise Lake to the west.

dyer mountain

Dyer Mountain and the easy ascent slopes.

nice painted rock at the top

Nice painted rock at the top.



white ridge to the east

White Ridge to the east.

heading down

Heading down after a fine stay on the summit which I had to myself.

mount sheridan

The final objective of this 4-peak circuit, Mount Sheridan.

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