Sheridan, Mount (Sherman Grand Slam)

elevation: 4,190 m.  height gain: 180 m. (from the Sherman-Sheridan Col)
area: Leadville,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Mount Sherman,
        CO 39106B2

going down sherman

Going down Mount Sherman with Mount Sheridan ahead.
THE CLIMB  -North-east ridge  class 2

Hike: RT 7.0 (includes Dyer Mountain, Gemini Peak and Mount Sherman); 1.25 up from Mount Sherman. Mount Sheridan is a ranked bicentennial 13er, it is a prominent featureless peak dotted by a massive rock shelter. As I came down Mount Sherman, it was hard not to notice the obvious trails on the talus slopes, real goat highways. The ascent on these trails was straightforward. I hiked up this last objective while every body else scampered up Mount Sherman; once again, I enjoyed the solitude and serenity. Arrived on the summit ridge, the view over the southern end of the Mosquito Range is revealed; I could also see Leadville and the Sawatch Range. I was delighted to look back at the beautiful loop I had travelled, it hadn't been much effort for the amount of rewarding views. I continued along the ridge towards the summit with the massive rock shelter in sight. At the top, I took numerous pictures before settling in the alcove that was quite efficient at blocking the wind. I ate the rest of my lunch while enjoying a respite from the wind; today had been a superb day in the mountains, I was very pleased with this lovely circuit. I just love the town of Leadville and all its surrounding mountains, it really feels like home away from home!

looking at the fourmile creek approach

Looking towards the Fourmile Creek, Hilltop Mine approach.

at the sherman-sheridan col

At the Sherman-Sheridan Col.


Looking back at Mount Sherman.

intriguing structure

A closer look at an intriguing structure of the Hilltop Mine.

trails in talus

Following the trails on the talus slope.

sweet cairn

Sweet cairn!

massive rock shelter

Walking to the massive rock shelter at the top.

very convenient

Very convenient as it is quite windy today.

the entire loop

A great view of the entire loop: Dyer Mountain, Gemini Peak and Mount Sherman.

horseshoe mountain

To the south, a continuation of the Mosquito Range with Horseshoe Mountain.

finnback knob

View of the Sawatch Range over Finnback Knob.

laplata, mounts elbert and massive

I recognize LaPlata Peak, Mounts Elbert and Massive to the west.

town of leadville

The town of Leadville and Turquoise Lake.

fine summit stay

Enjoying another fine summit stay, sheltered from the wind this time.

heading back down

Heading back down.

neat cairn again

The neat cairn again with Dyer, Gemini and Sherman in the background.

aiming for the west slope trail

Aiming for the west slope trail that leads to Mount Sherman from Iowa Gulch.

evidence of mining

Evidance of mining everywhere.

west slope trail

On Sherman's popular west slope trail.

old wodden pole

Old wodden electric pole.

the trailhead is visible

The trail is visible below and quickly leads to the trailhead; my truck is a little further up at the end of the road on the right.
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