Sheep Mountain GR:883537

elevation: 2,271 m. height gain: 125 m.
area: South Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/1

Ascent via the east side of Coffin Mountain. Descent followed the north-west rib of Sheep Mountain to the old road, 873553.
sheep mountain

Sheep Mountain from the top of Coffin Mountain.
Hike: RT 6.5 (including Coffin); 1.0 up. We planned to continue to Sheep Mountain if all was well with the dogs. The hounds were fine and taking a nappy while Fab took count of how many booties could be reused. The ascent of Coffin on abrasive rubble shredded them good. We decided to tape up the booties in order to make it down to Sheep's grassy col below. Fab pulled out the roll of duct tape... Once at the col, the booties came off. The hounds love this area. They roamed freely; Fab and I were thrilled to see them spring everywhere. The vast, open ridge is a stress-free place. The ascent felt very much like a walk in the park. The presence of the hounds really made this trip special. Of course, the sun beaming down on us was delectable, our summit stay was long. When we finally decided to leave, Coffin already cast its shadow on the col and descent route. At the col, we now felt the cool air. From there, we found a flagged trail running along the north-west rib of Sheep. The good trail almost took us down to valley bottom but we lost it and ended up along a creek. Shortly after that, we intersected the old road and headed west towards the car. We made it back with about 15 minutes of sunshine remaining. Ah, what a nice day...
eastern aspect

The summit rod is still visible on the right.

smoother terrain

At the col, booties are coming off.

dogs love it

Leisurely stroll to the top.

almost there

Summit ahead.

rupert the pup

At the top with young Rupert.

north-west view

Mount Livingstone.

good troubadogs

Handing out more treats.

time to go

Reluctantly leaving.

change of atmosphere

Shade and snow, brrrrr.

rupert and lincoln

They're always ready.

nice surprise

On a good trail.


Well flagged.

heading to the car

On the old road.
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