Sentinel Peak

elevation: 2,378 m. height gain: 382 m. (377 m. loss)
area: South Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/8

Ref: Vern Dewit's Explor8ion
heading to sentinel

Leaving Hailstone Butte.
Hike: RT 7.0 (including Hailstone Butte twice), 2.0 for the traverse. Very nice lenghty trip with Link. We circumvented the "mound" low to access Sentinel Pass. He really enjoyed the grasses and roamed to his heart's content at the pass. The ascent to the summit was quick. Link was on a leash for that part and pulling me! He coiled up for a short rest at the top while I tried to change batteries in my radio. The sun was shining but it remained somewhat windy and cold. We traversed higher on the "mound" coming back. Although it is more direct, it is not much faster.  
down hailstone

The "mound", we circumvented climber's left. The real summit is further.

utility road

Looking back at the utility road.

start of traverse to sentinel pass

Started circumventing towards Sentinel Pass.

sentinel pass

Sentinel Pass and the ascent to the top.

link in the grasses

Link posing.

looking at hailstone

Hailstone from the summit of Sentinel.

mount burke

Mount Burke.

the summit rod

The summit rod.

top of sentinel

At the top of Sentinel with my pooch.
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