The Sawtooth

elevation: 4,200 m.
height gain: 50 m. (from the Spalding-Evans Col)
area: Idaho Springs,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Mount Evans, CO

the sawtooth

The Sawtooth (right of center) from the Spalding-Evans Col.
THE CLIMB  -East ridge  class 2

Hike: RT 5.5 (includes Mount Spalding and Mount Evans); 30 minutes up from Spalding. Typically, The Sawtooth is summited on the way to Mount Evans from Mount Bierstadt; that route grants a thrilling class 3 scramble along an exposed ridge. Another route mentioned on is the easier class 2 hike from  Mount Evans' parking lot; although I am reaching the top via Mount Spalding, I am using the latter route to gain my final objective, Mount Evans. The Sawtooth, like Mount Spalding, is an unranked 13er but it is labeled on the topographic map; good enough for me! From the Spalding-Evans Col, the extension to The Sawtooth is easy and very short, a real bonus peak! The top grants a great view over Bierstadt's moderately difficult connecting ridge and Abyss Lake to the south-east; Grays and Torreys Peaks are also quite distinguishable. When I reached the top, the sky over Mount Evans was still glowing orange as the sun was just about to rise, what a lovely sight. There was some hikers on Mount Bierstadt, we exchanged a couple of hollers and waves. I watched the the sun crest over Evans and took some pictures before resuming my trek to Mount Evans.

looking back at mount spalding

Looking back at Mount Spalding.

orange colours

Orange colours at dawn over the col.

last glimpse at spalding

Last glimpse towards Mount Spalding.

north-western view

North-western view over the west part of Gray Wolf Mountain.

abyss lake

Abyss Lake is located between Mount Evans and Mount Bierstadt.

gps confirmation

GPS confirmation!

the sun is about to rise

The sun is about to rise over Mount Evans.

neat layers of mountains

Neat layers of mountains to the south-east beyond Abyss Lake.

mount bierstadt and its connecting ridge

The classic class 3 connecting ridge from Mount Bierstadt is the appeal of The Sawtooth.

grays and torreys peaks

Western view with Grays and Torreys Peaks on the far right.

heading to mount evans

Heading back to Mount Evan's west ridge.

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