Sabine, Mount

elevation: 1,600 m. height gain: 760 m.
area: Canal Flats,BC map 82 J/4

I parked at the end of Grainger road then, heading in a northerly direction, I skirted around a private property and picked up an old trail that leads to open slopes below a water tower. I aimed for the water tower then followed an old road that leads to a well maintained gravel road. The best option is to drive up that road (may not be plowed). To exercise that option, find the Kootenay River FSR east of town, drive a short distance and look for a well-maintained gravel road turning left, 858565. Drive (the part I hiked) for several kms to a pull-off/junction with a road closure sign (between december and end of april), 838617. Park here if early in the season. Follow this road to the 9 marker where it veers left, north-east. About 500 m. from that point, a trail heads in a southerly direction, (climber's right), 860603. Follow it to the summit where there is a paraglider launch.
link on snow

Link loves the hiking.

at the top

Nappy, nappy...
Snowshoe trip: RT 5.0. Good travel on compacted snow from snowmachines, all the way to the summit! Hung out at the paraglider launch and enjoyed the sun and my bundle of energy, Link.

at the top

Looking south down the valley.

link about to launch

Link is enjoying the view on his first summit.

canal flats

Canal Flats and Mount Allen.

launch pad

The launch pad.


Mount Glenn.
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