Mount Rose

elevation: 2,550 m.
height gain: 900 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB
map 82 J/10-J/15

Ref: Andrew Nugara's More scrambles in the Canadian Rockies 2nd edition.
meeting marta and wendy

Meeting Marta and Wendy at Sunshine Bluffs.
Picture courtesy of Marta.
Scramble: When I went on the Chimper Peak outing 3 weeks ago, Marta and I made plans to get together for supper at her friend's place then go scrambling the following day. The forecast for this weekend was looking great, I only worked a half day on saturday and met Marta and her friends at the Sunshine Bluffs for some sport climbing. This was special to me, I hadn't gone climbing for 20 years. It felt fantastic to be on rock with the safety of a rope, I climbed 5.9 routes like a pro. After a great afternoon, we all drove back to Bragg Creek where Wendy hosted a nice BBQ; it was a fine evening among friends. The next morning, Marta and I woke early and drove to the Elbow trailhead. We biked the renewed Big Elbow trail past Threepoint Mountain to where the bridge used to be and ditched our bikes before fording the shallow river. We took a bearing and bushwhacked right after the crossing in hopes of stepping on the trail mentioned in Nugara's book. That horse trail runs along Cougar Creek, I wondered if the creek got its name because of cougar sightings; funny enough, today there was two cougars strolling along that creek!!! Without too much fussing, we found the trail and followed it while enjoying good conversations. A bit of bushwhacking is necessary to reach the Rose's ascent ridge but the climb is straightforward and pleasant. Once at the top, we elected to hang out for 2 hours; the weather was stellar, we enjoyed the view and talked. Our return was uneventful, we backtracked to the bikes with no incident. The ride out was fast, I love that cruisy ride back to the parking lot! We both liked this casual outing and made plans to soon meet again for another.

top roping

Top roping a 5.9 route.
Picture courtesy of Marta.

more rock climbing

After 20 years, it felt great to be on rock with the safety of a rope!
Picture courtesy of Marta.


OK, lets get on with Mount Rose!

over the elbow river

Going over the Elbow River.
Picture courtesy of Marta.

fording the river

Fording the river where a bridge used to exist.

on the horse trail

On the horse trail that runs along Cougar Creek.

crossing cougar creek

Crossing Cougar Creek.
Picture courtesy of Marta.

quick break

Enjoying a quick break sitting on warm slabs.

ascent ridge

Rose's ascent ridge.

as easy as it gets

As easy as it gets!

threepoint's sidehilling traverse

A good view on the Threepoint sidehilling traverse.

looking back

Looking back with Cougar Mountain in the background.

bluerock mountain and mount burns

Bluerock Mountain (left) and Mount Burns (right) south of us.

pleasant ascent

More of this straightforward and pleasant ridge.

last steps to the top

Last steps to the top.

running for a selfie

Running for a summit selfie with Marta.
Picture courtesy of Marta.

selfie with marta

Summit selfie.

lingering at the top

Warm windless day equals lingering at the top.

threepoint mountain

The Foothills beyond Threepoint Mountain.
Picture courtesy of Marta.


Descending after 2 hours at the top; I can always spot Banded Peak (far right).

back at treeline

Back at treeline.
Picture courtesy of Marta.

drainage junction

Junction of the Threepoint/Rose drainage and Cougar Creek.

service please

Eh, wouldn't it be nice to have man servants bring some coolers!
Picture courtesy of Marta.

preparing to ford again

Preparing to ford the river again and cruise back on the bikes.
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