Romulus, Mount

elevation: 2,842 m. height gain: 1,217 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/14-15

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
faster than walking

A bike is a must for this outing.
Scramble: RT 9.5; 5.5 up. We have not seen much of the sun over the last two weeks. The forecasted warm and sunny weather in the Foothills was extremely appealing. We set off from Golden very early and arrived at the trailhead by sunrise. The bike approach is a cruise, within 1.5 hours we reached the campground. After stashing the bikes, we put on our runners to wade the river. We crossed where the horses do. The water is cold, our feet were tingly for a while... We followed a faint trail along the river and eventually veered north, climber's right of the ascent drainage. The ultimate would be to find the "highline trail" described by Gillean Daffern. From the crossing, you need to continue straight ahead, there is no clear path leading to the obvious trail. Further west, a cairn indicates the ascent drainage. Higher up in the draw, we headed towards the first gully to gain the undulating ridge. Except for a short downclimb midway, the ridge is mainly a walk. The view is great along the way and even though it was windy, the mild wind was bearable. At the summit, we took a well-deserved break and signed the register. Three groups came to visit the day before, Romulus is a busy place! We came down from the col instead of backtracking the ridge. This is a good option for a quick descent. On the way down, we came across the cairn and the "highline trail". We followed it back down; it doesn't lead to the water's edge, we needed to pay attention not to miss the crossing. The bike ride back to the car is surprisingly faster, I did not realize we had climbed that much. This trip is long but pleasant. It was worth coming out to enjoy this beautiful fall day.
stashing the bikes

Little runners are also a must to wade the river.

very cold

By the time you reach the other side, feet are freezing!

ascent drainage

Heading up the ascent drainage.

ascent gully

Nearing the ascent gully, left of center.


Straightforward way up.

false summit

On the ridge, a false summit appears.

very sunny and mild wind

Fab's taking in the view.


Mount Romulus (center) and Mount Remus (right).

last dip

Last dip before the summit plod.

looking back

Looking back.


Enjoying the view, the sun, in good company. Cheers!


Mount Remus.

south-west view

South-westerly view, the trail and traverse to the col are visible.

traverse to col

At the rockband (downclimbed on the way up), a traverse gives access to the col. Look for the cairn on the other side.

cairn indicates the traverse

Looking back at the traverse from the cairn.

col ahead

The col ahead.

fast descent

Fast way down.
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