Rogers Peak (Mount Rogers)

elevation: 3,169 m. height gain: 1,875 m.
area: Rogers Pass,BC map 82 N/5

Ref: Chic Scott's Summits and Icefields 2
hermit meadows

The moon from the "End of the trail" sign at Hermit Meadows.
Alpine climb: RT 13.0; 6.5 up. This weekend the forecasted weather was stellar; sunny and really warm. I called Jay to see if he was available, I knew this objective was high on his list. We planned an alpine start to beat the heat and be off the snow before it got too soft. Jay spent the night here in Golden. We left the trailhead at 3 AM; the full moon lit up the darkness and the temperature was already a balmy 14˚ Celsius. We hiked up the very steep trail and reached Hermit Meadows as it started to get light, 1 hour 40 minutes. From the "end of trail" sign, we continued on a trail up and over a couple of moraines; after that, we aimed for the Swiss Glacier. There's numerous cairns along the way and several options; we just picked a line of ascent on rock to gain the top of a snow gully we aimed for. We continued on a rib of bedrock to the toe of the glacier; we geared up for the glacier walk and snow climb just as the sun's rays reached us. Travelling on the glacier was fast, snow conditions were optimum and the ascent slope had a recent bootpack. It turns out, some people brought their skis and dog; they laid down some pretty good tracks! At some point, we traded poles for axes; the climb was rendered much easier following the bootpack. Once on the summit ridge, we casually walked to the highpoint and summit. The forest fires produced a haze but the view was still phenomenal in all directions. There was no wind and the temperature was hot for a mountain top over 3000 meters; we sat and enjoyed a good break before backtracking. The snow was even softer on descent, we were able to step-plunge down the snow slope. Shortly after Fab talked about glissading lower down, I heard: "Oh f___, here I go!". I looked up to see Fab coming down towards me at a good speed; I moved over to see him whiz by me in a semi-controlled glissade. He went for a ways before turning facing the slope in a full arrest position to stop; whoa, good thing he didn't get hurt... Following the excitement, we resumed a pleasant descent to Hermit Meadows. I knew the rest of the trail would be tough on me; the steep grade surely taxed my knees and jammed my toes. Feeling exhausted, I was really happy to see the truck. We saw some people preparing to head up with big overnight packs; I felt bad for them, the temperature read 35˚ Celsius... This outing is definitely a must for anyone who loves non-technical snow climbs!
beyond hermit meadows

A good trail continues up and over a couple of moraines.

aiming for the top of a gully

Rogers Peak at the far left; we aimed for the top of the snow gully, right of center.

orange sky

While the sun rises, the sky becomes orange from several nearby forest fires.

swiss glacier appears

Part of the Swiss Glacier appears as we get closer to the snow gully.

travelling on bedrock

Travelling on glacial bedrock.

top of the gully

Nearing the top of the gully.

mount rogers

Mount Rogers (Rogers, Grant, Fleming, Swiss and Truda); Rogers Peak, the highest point, is in the sun.

crampons on

Putting on our crampons and anticipating a sudden rise in temperature.

good snow conditions

Very good snow conditions.

mounts tupper and sir donald

Mount Tupper in the foreground and Mount Sir Donald at the far right.

recent bootpack

Following a recent bootpack up the slope.

looking down

Looking down the moderately steep snow slope.

nice transition to the ridge

Nice transition to the summit ridge.

onto the summit ridge

Stepping onto the summit ridge.

summit ridge

The summit ridge.

north side

The glacier on the north side.

at the top

Fabrice walks over the highpoint to a rocky spot where the cairn sits.

summit dance

Lots of forest fires and hot temperatures; I'm doing a sprinkler dance.

hot for up here

25˚ C and no wind; it's hot for up here.

south-western view

South-western view with Mount Sifton in the foreground and Mount Bonney in the distance.

leaving the top

Leaving the summit.

phenomenal views

The views are phenomenal despite the smoke.

good step-plunging

The soft snow allows good step-plunging.

glacier make-up

Glacier make-up.

small crevasses

Small crevasses are opening up.

off the glacier

Almost off the glacier.

back on rock

Back on rock.

discovery center below

The Discovery Center is visible down below.

great trekking

Great trekking in one of the finest places.

over the moraines

Now on a good trail that leads to Hermit Meadows.

hermit meadows

Hermit Meadows and its grandiose sights.
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