Roberta, Mount GR:378107

elevation: 2,440 m. height gain: 730 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/11

Most trip reports mention parking alongside highway 40 and aiming for the Pocaterra Ski Trail. During winter, when highway 40 is closed beyond the Kananaskis Lakes turnoff, it's possible to reach that ski trail using Packers Ski Trail that starts at the Boulton Creek parking lot. We left the Pocaterra Ski Trail near 367111 and climbed the treed rib to the saddle south of the summit block.
packers ski trail

Packers Ski Trail.
Snowshoe trip: RT 7.5; 4.5 up. This was a thrilling trip; Fabrice and I hadn't been out in awhile and Charles was joining us, we hadn't seen him since early summer. I recently had come back from driving across Canada (to and from Ottawa) and I couldn't think of a better way to get back into the groove of things. Poor road conditions in the morning slowed us down, we were late meeting Charles. After locating the right parking lot and trail map sign, we geared up. We enjoyed the ski trails, they provided great travel through the forest. When we had our ascent rib in sight, we left the trail. The snow was unconsolidated and postholing ensued. We had doubts about reaching the top; yet, after a quick break midway, we continued on the rib. At treeline, we avoided open terrain and soon gained the saddle and summit block. The wind was fierce once we broke out of the trees, I struggled to keep the hood on my head and my hair out of my mouth. We left the snowshoes for the last bit, the ground was scoured. The scramble is straightforward and in good shape, we reached the top and promptly put on additional layers. We had happy faces despite the wind but couldn't linger, our hands froze from taking pictures. On the way down, the wind blown snow whipped our face; we were pleased to resume our descent sheltered in the trees. We got back to our vehicles in the dark.
joining pocaterra trail

Joining the Pocaterra Ski Trail.

firm and fast

Well-groomed trail, firm and fast.

leaving the trail

Leaving the ski trail with the saddle in sight (right center).


Postholing in the shallow snowpack.

gaining the saddle

Gaining the saddle.

summit block

The summit block is wind-scoured.

no more snowshoes

Continuing without snowshoes.

summit ahead

The summit comes into view.

almost there

Almost there.

at the cairn

At the cairn for a brief pause.


Flashing signs yo!

snow lip

Neat snow lip.

leaving the top

Leaving the top.

short distance to the trees

A short distance to treeline.

wind gusts

The intense wind picks up snow.

rubber side down

Fab showing off his snowshoeing skills.

back on the trail

Back on the Pocaterra Ski Trail.

returned in the dark

Returned in the dark.
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