Rhondda South, Mount

elevation: 3,010 m. height gain: 1,080 m.
area: Wapta Icefield,AB map 82 N/10

Ref: Chic Scott's Summits and Icefields
parking lot

At the start of a fine weekend.
Ski mountaineering: Fab and I along with a good friend Wess stayed at Peyto Hut. The following day the weather was not so great: mild, calm but whiteout. We decided to go anyway equipped with navigational tools and hoping for clearing. We did get some visibility as the lower clouds lifted but the summit was quite obscured. Fab was not overly joyful at the top; suffering from a cold, he wished he could be air lifted back to the couch! On the return, it is easy to justify an ascent of Mount Thompson; it is a short distance away with about 400 meters of height gain.
peyto peak

Peyto Peak from the moraine.

in the hut

The old Peyto Hut.

fooling around

It's still cold inside; Wess don't care!

at the top

We're at the top??????

great view?

Yeah, it's almost over!

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