Remus, Mount

elevation: 2,688 m. height gain: 1,050 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/15

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
at the trailhead

At the Little Elbow recreation area.
Scramble: RT 9.75; 5.5 up. We finally decided to drive all the way to the Little Elbow recreation area and try out Mount Remus; we brought the bikes, our runners for fording and a short rope for the crux. I knew that two pitons exist above the chimney; if Fab felt like scrambling the crux, he could belay me up. We arrived at the parking lot early and started on the bikes; it was the first ride of the season! When we got to the big blue bridge, we realized it was missing. The water wasn't deep, we put on our runners and curled up our pants while two hunters on bikes cheered us on from the other side. The crossing was fine, even with the bikes in the water alongside. After pushing up a hill, we rode to the second ford of the day and left the bikes behind. The ford was brief, we placed our runners to dry in the sun and continued towards the ascent drainage. We spotted the broad orange gully right away; we ascended it using the more stable grey rock climber's right. Once on the ridge, we hiked towards the summit block and crux chimney. Following a couple of awkward moves, Fab reached the top of the chimney; he rigged the rope and threw me down an end. I started climbing with enthusiasm; on belay, I was able to commit and enjoy the short technical stint. At the summit, we took a break to soak in the view, moving down a bit for some shelter. Although clouds moved in, this was a fine day to enjoy. We rappelled using the tattered webbing from the existing anchor. At the broad orange gully, we aimed for the looser orange rock for a fast descent. Some straightforward backtracking got us to the bikes for a cruisy return to the truck. I liked Mount Remus, it had a little of everything!
flood damage

A section of the trail is washed out.

no more blue bridge

The big blue bridge is gone.

mount remus

Mount Remus across the Little Elbow River.

easy ford

Easy ford across the river.

ascending the drainage

Ascending on a crude trail along the drainage.

orange gully

The broad orange gully is noticeable from far.

good footing on the grey rock

Higher up, grey rock climber's right grants better footing.

summit ridge

Gaining the summit ridge.

looking back

Looking back.

summit block

Summit block.

aiming for the chimney

Aiming for the hidden chimney (center).


At the chimney.


A couple of awkward moves are required to overcome a chokestone.

top of the crux

Top of the crux, where the pitons are.

short walk to the summit

Short walk to the summit.

view north

View north towards Mount Fullerton.

southern view

Mount Glasgow to the south.

summit pose

Summit pose with Mount Romulus in the background.

leaving the top

Leaving the gusty top.



pleasant trekking

Pleasant trekking along the summit ridge.


Backtracking to the orange gully.

quick way down

Finding loose rubble for a quick easy way down.

back at the crossing

Back at the crossing in decent time.

nice team work

Nice team work!
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