Redoubt Mountain

elevation: 2,902 m. height gain: 1,240 m.
area: Skoki Area,AB map 82 N/8

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken
at the second bridge

The ascent drainage from the popular Skoki Trail.
Scramble: RT 7.5; 4.5 up. This is a great alternate route; it is direct and eliminates height loss. Although the route is straightforward, it was useful to familiarize ourselves with the upper terrain. We made our way up and around the rockbands which led us to the ascent gully. Several lines naturally funnel into this gully; we stayed climber's right of a buttress. Once on the ridge, the summit block and cairn are in sight. The break on the west side was easier than we expected: a couple of hands-on moves up a short crack. Our summit stay was pleasant even if the low clouds prevented us from enjoying the taller peaks. We came back down the same way and hopped onto our bikes for a 10 minute blitz back down! A gold star goes to Bob for this route.
lower drainage

We stayed climber's right the whole way, no brush.

upper creek

Soon, it thins out.

lovely landscape

This is enjoyable hiking.

good place for a rest

A flat area offers a great spot to contemplate the rest of the route. We aimed climber's right of the buttress.

follow the scree

The ascent follows the easiest way up, around rockbands.

around some bands

We circumvented around these bands and aimed for the ascent gully.

typical terrain

Typical terrain above the rockbands.

upper gully

The way becomes obvious as you proceed.

almost on the ridge

The ridge ahead, left of center.

looking down

Ascent gully from just below the ridge.

redoubt lake

Reboubt Lake from the sheer east side of the ridge.

summit block

The summit block, the break is on the west side.

fab perched

Fab on the ridge.

final bit

The break we followed up the summit block.


At the top.

south ridge

Looking back at the top of the ascent gully.

nice view

Looking south-east towards Pulsatilla (center) and Protection Mountains.

broad summit

The break from the cairn.

lake louise

Lake Louise.

back down

Back at treeline the sun starts to come out.
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