Red Mountain GR:033391

elevation: 2,461 m.
height gain: 1,740 m.
area: Cathedral Park (Keremeos),BC
map 92 H/1

Ref: Cathedral Provincial Park - BC Parks
The 1:50 000 map has the name Quiniscoe Mountain on this peak and Red Mountain on the 2361m peak 2km to the NE which the parks map calls Scout Mountain.

trail map

Cathedral Provincial Park trail map.
Scramble: The forecast for this fall weekend was stellar. Wanting to take advantage of this occasion, I decided to go on an overnight trip. I had never been to Cathedral Provincial Park. Research revealed that access is restricted; visitors must hike to the core area or take the pricey (140-160$/person) shuttle. Lakeview Trail leads to the lodge by Quiniscoe Lake where numerous well-defined trails begin. It's not just a walk in the park, it covers 16 kilometers with a whopping 1,340 meters of height gain. My plan was to camp near the lodge and scramble the closest mountain if time and energy permitted. I drove to Keremeos and slept in my truck. The following morning, I located the trailhead's side road that is 1.7 kilometers after the lodge's shuttle compound. I started hiking on the trail and when it intersected the service road, I continued on the road; this cut 2.5 kilometers. I encountered snow about half way but it wasn't too deep, the approach was a long boring schlep. Needless to say, I was overjoyed to reach the lodge. There was no staff there, everything was closed for the season. I was quite impressed with the remote facilities, however it felt ghostly. I dropped my extra gear and continued on the snow-covered trail along Quiniscoe Lake. At the back of the lake, the trail was no longer discernable; I aimed for the bare south-facing slopes of Red Mountain, it's at that moment that I decided to scramble to the top. The ascent is short and straightforward, exactly what I was looking for. I was delighted to gain the summit plateau and engage in a pleasant walk to the cairn. The sun was low and it felt like fall, luckily it wasn't too windy. I stayed at the cairn for a while to savour the view. Back at the lodge, curiosity caught me checking the door of one of the cabins; to my surprise, it was unlocked! I couldn't resist the convenience of this cozy shelter. I enjoyed a fabulous dinner by a warm woodstove and I slept very well. The following day I hiked out and promised myself to return and stay more than a night.

cathedral lodge

Cathedral Park Lodge and Quiniscoe Mountain.

lodge from mountainside

Viewing the main lodge from the cabins on the mountainside.

quiniscoe lake

Looking at Quiniscoe Lake, the lodge is on the left with Lakeview Mountain in the background.

quiniscoe and pyramid mountains

To the south, Quiniscoe Mountain with Pyramid Mountain behind it.

summit plateau

Lovely walk to the cairn on the broad summit plateau.

view north

View north towards Crater Mountain.

lakeview mountain

Lakeview Mountain and The Boxcar.

quiniscoe mountain

It's easy to combine Quiniscoe Mountain and continue towards Pyramid Mountain.

southern view

Southern view across the US border.

at the top

The cairn atop Red Mountain.

enjoying the view

Enjoying the view and late afternoon sun.

heading down

Time to leave the summit.


Sunset as I descend.

quiniscoe lake below

Quiniscoe Lake below.

getting dark

It's getting dark along the lake.

inside a cabin

Cozy in one of the little cabins.

little cabins

Before leaving, I took a picture of some of the little cabins.

beautiful lakeview

Beautiful lakeview from the lodge's dock.
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