Ramp Peak GR:498267

elevation: 2,865 m. height gain: 1,030 m.
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 82 N/9

We followed Mosquito Creek trail. Just ahead of the campground, we veered on Mosquito Mountain's south-west treed rib with a climbing traverse heading north. At treeline, 482250, we continued into the draw until a canyon forced us to cut a questionable slope, 491254. From there, we aimed for the ramp!
along mosquito creek

Along Mosquito Creek.
Ski touring: RT 10.0; 5.5 up. Finally, good snow conditions and reasonable weather allowed us to revisit the Mosquito Creek area. We left the car under clear sky. The trail revealed some ski tracks but they eventually veered left, ascending towards Dolomite. We continued along the valley bottom, our objective in sight. Nearing the campground, we recognized the hillside we climbed three months ago to go up Quartzite Peak; no recent up-track. Off we went, breaking trail on a supportive snowpack. The traverse on the steep treed terrain before treeline required the most effort. Near treeline, we came up on some old ski tracks; people ski this nice sheltered area which offers good lines both in the trees and the open steep shoulder of Mosquito Mountain. We followed the up-track past treeline where it disappeared. After crossing the questionable slope safely, we continued towards the base of the ramp. Travelling was good with light new snow sitting on a firm snowpack. With the absence of settlement, cracking and sloughing, we proceeded to ascend the ramp. We stayed climber's right between the shallow snow near the scoured edge and the loaded middle of the slope. Along the way, the wind picked up. Once at the top, with all our layers on, we enjoyed a short break while anticipating the descent. The skiing conditions down the ramp were probably as good as they get. With tired legs, we skied down linking good turns. Nice skiing continued well into the trees. Back on the trail, now well packed down by today's visitors, we returned enjoying the sunset before entering the forest.

beautiful trio

Beautiful trio: Quartzite, Ramp and Mosquito (L to R).

off the trail

Typical terrain off the beaten path.

sheltered area

A nice sheltered area at treeline.

decent snow conditions

Skiing will be good through the trees.

ramp peak

Ramp Peak.

loaded slope

Running the gauntlet across the questionable slope.


A look back at the loaded slope and canyon.

the approach

We avoided convexities by skirting the boulder field.

up a knoll

Contouring a knoll.

great day

Great scenery and a fine day.

final push

The final push.

nearing the top

Last stretch is quite wind scoured.

we made it!

At the top with Mosquito Mountain in view.


North-western view and Quartzite Peak.

northern view

Siffleur River to the north.

fab at the top

Windy but the sun feels nice.

decent turns

Very good turns for this otherwise wind-blown slope.

nice reward

This descent is a nice reward.

another look

Last glimpse.

neat trip

Yeah, very neat trip!
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