Princeton, Mount

elevation: 4,327 m.  height gain: 360 m. (from the Tigger-Princeton Col)
area: Buena Vista,Colorado,USA map USGS 1:24,000 Mount Antero, CO

connecting ridge

The 2.5 kilometer long connecting ridge.
Scramble: RT 14.0 (includes Tigger Peak twice); 2.0 up from Tigger. The weather was slowly changing and the wind was increasing but other than that, it was great and there was no turning back. Tim was especially keen to tag this summit as it had been his nemesis and he hadn't climbed it from valley bottom yet. With replenished determination, we charged on towards the top. The connecting ridge grants minor ups and downs along the way, it's a pleasant traverse; by 3:30 PM, we reached the top. We were elated to stand on this beautiful mountain after 8 hours of trekking, I took a bunch of pictures and we had a short rest before backtracking. Our return to Tigger Peak wasn't particularly strenuous but I felt like I was slowing down. On the way down from Tigger, I chose to stay on snow where I could; Tim stuck to talus as he had little traction on the snow with his "Colorado moccasins". We were both quite pleased to step on the grassy tundra and leave the talus behind. By now the weather was deteriorating and as the sky darkened, it started to snow lightly. Once at the saddle where we had stowed some gear, we had another break and Tim pulled out homemade chocolate cake this time! I wish this pause could have lasted longer because I sure was tired but we wanted to get to the towers before dark. The snow was still firm hiking to the switchbacks. Lower down, Tim decided to shortcut our last switchback; although he postholed, which I think he likes, this decision reduced travel distance and time. We reached the towers just as it got dark. The following trudge in the dark seemed endless. My mind drifted and my body felt the numbing fatigue while Tim seemed as strong as earlier... I was so glad when I noticed he wasn't moving forward anymore, yahoo, boots-off!! What a memorable trip this was, I wouldn't expect anything less with Tim Best.


Low point of the connecting ridge.
Picture courtesy of Tim Best.

final push

Final push, Mount Princeton is hidden behind the false summit.

looking back

Looking back.

at the top

At the top, whoot whoot!!!

western view

Western view.

view north over the sawatch

View north over the Sawatch Range.

tim is ready to go

Tim is ready to go!

mount antero

Massive Mount Antero to the south.

arkansas river

The Arkansas River and Pikes Peak in the far distance to the east.

leaving the top

Leaving the top.

skidding on snow

Tim is skidding on the firm snow with his "Colorado moccasins".

back up tigger peak

Making our way back up Tigger Peak.
Picture courtesy of Tim Best.

tigger take 2

Tigger Peak take 2!!

weather's moving in

Weather's moving in.

it's snowing

It's snowing as we reach the road.

reaching the trailhead

The tiny dot in the middle is my headlamp, I was lagging behind...
Picture courtesy of Tim Best.

tigger and princeton

Tigger Peak and Mount Princeton from the road.
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