Prairie Mountain

elevation: 2,210 m. height gain: 716 m.
area: Bragg Creek,AB map 82 J/15

Ref: Moose Mountain and Prairie Mountain Summits
hup, sit still

Good doggies.
Hike: RT 5.0; 2.0 up. Another fantastic weekend with the hounds. The Calgary forecast of 16 Celsius and blue bird sky was certainly appealing to us. Bob Spirko just posted a trip report on this hike; we figured we didn't need snowshoes. The snow on the trail was compacted and offered good hiking conditions. We left the car at 10 AM, the dogs were on leash and pulled madly. After the initial steep bit, we let them roam a little but soon leashed them up again; this place is very busy and our hounds are very excited! The walk on the summit ridge was so enjoyable, the wind was warm on our bare arms and face. We took pictures at the cairn and continued along the ridge. We set up a doggy bed and lingered there for two hours. It felt like spring, even summer. Returning should have been easy but the hounds still had a lot of energy and pulled all the way down; quite treacherous... We made it down with no broken bones and drove off to McLean campground for some good rest and recovery!
along the way

Quickly shedding layers.

nice trail

Looking back.

familiar mountains in the background

It's very nice up here.

summit ridge

I truly loved this short bit to the top.

no more snow

Sleeves pushed up, hair pulled up; it's warm!

just loving this

Fab and the two males; Lincoln and Rupert.

nice view

Westerly view, Banded Peak at the right.

at the top

At the top with Moose Mountain in the background.

another summit picture

Lincoln likes this perch.

flat land

Looking towards Calgary.

break time

Fab telling happy tales.

on the way down

Beautiful snow sculpture courtesy of another group of hikers.

feels like spring

Hiking down with Lincoln tied to my hip belt.

at the campground

Another fine trip.
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