Pollinger, Mount (Little Yoho 4-Peak Circuit)

elevation: 2,816 m. height gain: 110 m. (from the Kiwetinok/Pollinger Col)
area: Yoho Park,BC map 82 N/10

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
heading to pollinger

Heading to Mount Pollinger.
Hike: RT:14.0 (including Mount Kerr, Kiwetinok Peak and Mount McArthur); half an hour up from the Kiwetinok/Pollinger Col. Mount Pollinger is the freebee summit of the quartet, it is just a bump along the connecting ridge to Mount McArthur. If it wasn't for the steep drop-off on its north side, it would be quite uneventful! For people wanting to continue to Mount McArthur, good scrambling skills and a good head for heights are required for the 15-meter plus downclimb. There's a bypass on the east side but any remaining snow can render it unsafe. We came prepared for this section and brought a rope!
mount kerr's summits

Mount Kerr's summits with Mounts Marpole and Carnarvon behind.

mounts mcarthur and pollinger

Mounts McArthur (left) and Pollinger (right).

view north-west

North-western view with Mount Mummery.

just a short hike

Just a short hike!

at the top

At the top, Fab rigs up an anchor for the 15-meter plus downclimb.

south entrance of bypass

The south entrance of the bypass is visible next to the snow.

kiwetinok peak

Looking back at Kiwetinok Peak.

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